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2013 H1 General Paper Exam Predictions

2013 A-Levels H1 GP Paper 1

GCE A-Level & Prelim Exams GP Predictions

2013 H1 GP Essay & Comprehension Question Paper (as at 15th August 2013)


GP Essay Questions:

1. “Sport does a lot more damage than we care to admit”. Discuss.

2. “We are living on borrowed time.” How true is this statement with regard to the environment?

3. “Either we are finished with war, or war will finish us.” –  Herman Wouk. How far do you agree with this statement ?

4. Economic development will always be carried out at the expense of the environment. Do you agree?

5. Deviation is evil. Discuss.

6. The best time in history to be living is now. Do you agree?

7. Consider the significance of water.

8. Studying the arts is a waste of time. Comment.

9. ‘Those to whom much is given, much is expected.’ Is this a fair statement?

10. ‘As Science progresses, mankind regresses.’ What is your view?

11. ‘Reading fantasy books is a form of escapism and nothing more.’ Do you agree?

12. ‘The rise of China is one of the most serious threats the world has seen in recent years.’ Comment.


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