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2014 H1 General Paper Exam Predictions

2014 A-Levels H1 General Paper

GCE A-Level & Prelim Exams GP Predictions

2014 H1 GP Essay & Comprehension Question Paper (as at 18th August 2014)


GP Essay Questions:

1. How will global warming change the face of politics in your country?

2. Discuss the value of self-restraint in life.

3. How far is Singapore truly “a city of possibilities”?

4. The family today is not in decline but merely evolving. Discuss.

5. Travel liberates the mind. Discuss.

6. ‘Social media is a reflection of a superficial society.’ Is this a fair statement?

7. Films are never better than books. To what extent is this true?

8. In today’s world, sport is just another business venture. Do you agree?

9. ‘Consumerism is the new religion.’ How far is reflected in the values and behaviour of youth today?

10. ‘War is a necessary evil.’ Comment.

11. Education has never been more essential in the world today. Do you agree?

12. ‘Might is right.’ Comment.


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