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2016 H1 General Paper Exam Predictions

2016 A-Levels H1 General Paper

GCE A-Level & Prelim Exams GP Predictions

2016 H1 GP Essay & Comprehension Question Paper (as at 3rd September 2016)


GP Essay Questions:

1. Fast food is killing people fast. Is this a fair statement?

2. ‘There is no place I would rather be. Is this the feeling of young people in your country?

3. Sport is an important tool in bringing nations together. Discuss.

4. Censorship is the best means of defence against unwholesome values. How far do you agree?

5. To what extent should the Singapore government involve itself in family matters?

6. Fear is a sign of weakness. Comment.

7. Science encourages doubt; religious quells it. To what extent do you agree?

8. ‘Do foreigners bring more problems than benefits to your country?

9. ‘Those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn are not educated.’ Discuss.

10. ‘Attack is the best form of defence.’ What is your opinion of this statement in the context of international politics.

11. ‘Is music only for entertainment?

12. Discuss how the culture of your country has changed and the impact of these changes.


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