A-Level Chemistry Periodic Table

Periodic Table Elements for Chemistry

The Chemistry Periodic Table is prominently displayed in all learning classrooms. It is like the lifeblood of Chemistry; without it, one cannot survive.


Elements of the Periodic Table – Selected Range of Elements & Properties
There is no need to memorise the table, although it will not hurt if you do so. On the other hand, this table for Chemistry is highly required for many sections tested in the H1 and H2 syllabi.

In general, after learning the transition elements and their compounds, you are expected to apply unifying themes to inorganic chemistry, such as atomic structure, chemical
bonding, redox, the reactions of ions, acid-base behaviour, precipitation, whenever possible.

In particular, you need to study the chemical periodicity of various elements. Lots of application, prediction and deduction are needed in the use of the table, i.e. expect a significant amount of higher order skills question set from this section.

For eg, questions involving the lower order thinking skills are merely to construct equation, interpret redox and chemical reactions and outcome via the balanced equations, etc.


On the other hand, questions involving the lower order thinking skills require that you can

1. Predict the feasibility of reactions from E values,

2. Predict the characteristic properties of an element in a given Group by using knowledge of chemical periodicity,

3. Deduce the nature, possible position in this table of elements, and identity of unknown elements from given information of physical and chemical properties


Periodic Table Elements – Periodic Table Groups
Under Inorganic Chemistry, you will see that we must pay special attention to the elements in the third period of the table, the two Groups of Group II and Group VII, the transition elements and selected ranges of elements and their compounds.

For examples, in Chem tutorial worksheets, the questions often require the number of electrons of elements form the table. Also, Group II elements such as magnesium and calcium are often tested in Chem experiments.

In addition, Chemistry equations often involve the Group VI too, including the gases of oxygen, sulphur and selenium.

The special group of transition elements (metals) frequently involve you to deduce the i) nature and ii) possible position(s) in the table of elements, and iii) identity of unknown elements from given physical and chemical properties in questions.

This list is not really exhaustive, and more will be explained in class.

(If you wish to obtain a copy of the table for your Chem revision, download it under either H1 Chemistry or H2 Chemistry. A printable / downloadable version is found on each page.)

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