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A-Level Private Chemistry Tuition

What You Don’t Know About A-Level Chemistry Exams Could Cost You More Than Your Distinction

Our Chemistry revision program does not leave success to chance, so you can GUARANTEE your grade ‘A’.
Dear Parents and A-Level Chemistry Students, do you relate to any of the following:

You spend lots of time on the subject you find learning Chem concepts difficult?

You are overwhelmed at the enormous amounts of Chemistry concepts theories and principles to learn or even memorise, and you have no idea how else to cope with it.

You may be able to master your Chem concepts but you usually have great problems applying it to the given questions because the questions set nowadays are increasingly novel, unfamiliar and difficult.

A-Level private Chemistry has been set in the manner described above because it has become the pre-requisite for the entire science faculties, as well as many of the hot courses, such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy.

In addition, most JCs have a larger student population for their science faculty than that of their arts faculties, due to student preference, staff shortage, and University requirements and choice of courses.

Hence Chemistry has to be set harder, in order to differentiate the outstanding students from the rest.

Finally, most of the University faculties that offer professional degrees, including accountancy, law, engineering, actuarial science, face stiff competition when being considered for University entry. So the demand is very high. In order for the relatively short supply to meet the demand, the requirements are usually set as straight As.

Also, certain courses such as business programs, biz studies also are hot courses! As before, you can hardly afford to even have a grade ‘B’ in Chemistry, lest you cannot qualify for your choice faculty. If it happens, you will have to settle for a less-than-desirable course such as Philosophy, Social Work, Sociology…… 🙁

In summary, JC Chemistry has to be set deliberately difficult!!!

But schools are unable to ensure the majority of their students learn Advanced Level Chemistry in a short time of merely 18-20 months.

Even remedial, extra Chemistry tuition lessons, make up lessons, night study programmes, and the like cannot address these problems, that over 60% of all A-Level students face throughout their 2 years.

That’s why there are so few grade ‘A’s, and the percentage of distinctions has been dropping ever since the inception of the H1 and the H2 syllabus split in 2007. (Read about the difference between H1 Chemistry & H2 Chemistry here.)
(No wonder, JC tuition for A-Level students is such a necessity…)


Chemistry Tuition Singapore – Learning & Exam Strategies for A-Level Chemistry

What if we tell you that majority of the Chem concepts and theories can be learned in an effortless way?

What if we show you that you don’t even need all the concepts for your distinction?

What if we prove to you that the distinction relies more on your application skills, rather than the content topic knowledge?

Yup, that’s what we do in our private tuition for A-Level Chem. Additionally, here’s what else we do for our pupils in our lessons:

The mastering of physical chemistry in an innovative way, so that you can half your time practising the past year exam papers.

The effortless learning of the properties of selected key elements, including the Group II, Group VI and the transition elements of the Periodic table (under Inorganic Chemistry), which is always tested in every single year!

The learning of the 5 approaches to answer any structured and free-response questions in Paper 2 and 3, such that you can answer any form of questions form any topic.

How to handle the Planning Question such that your suggested methods of investigation will be compatible with the Chemistry knowledge learned in your syllabus, that your interpretation of the experimental data is sound, and also that your evaluation of the methods of investigations will automatically lead to revised improvements.

And a dozen or so of proven, effective tips, strategies that makes A-Level Chemistry scorable! You can even secure your distinction, even if till today, you have not passed the subject before.

Kindly ask for our JC home Chemistry tuition teachers here and we will arrange for you a trial lesson, so that you can be 100% sure our Chemistry tutors are indeed capable of showing you how the distinction for Chem is obtained.

So, after 2 hours of one-to-one tutorial lessons, you then decide if you wish to enroll in our package individual lessons for A-Level Chemistry.

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Happy Revision!
Tutors of Chemistry Tuition Singapore @ AceSpecialistHub


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