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Top 3 Mistakes in Literature Essays, Which You Do Not Wish to Commit!

To all JC/IP students taking your A-Levels Literature Examinations this year; does any of these common errors sound familiar to your subject tutors’ commentaries on your assignments?


-Over-Analysing of Quotes from texts

-Over-use of Quotations in Texts, without Interpretations

-Lack of Personal Response and interaction in your written works

These mistakes are what I call the cardinal sins of a Written Literature Essay that have to be avoided at all cost, least you are satisfied with a ‘C’ grade for the paper?

I bet that all of you are not.

After-all, who does not want a Distinction for Literature right?

There are many ways to approach a text, it is through the analysis of the texts:

  • Themes
  • Characters
  • Style of Writing

That one fully appreciates the contextual themes & issues in the study of EL Lit.

More importantly, one needs to learn how to insert their personal response via new original perspectives to score !

This is done possible only by applying New Criticism in your works however this is severely lacking in schools, so what is the secret?

Most teachers in Secondary or JC levels leave this Sure Ace Tactic out!

Are you surprised? Curious to learn and master the secret technique to score in your papers? Tired of reading Literature study guides yet seeing your efforts amounting to a mere C grade?

If so, come join us !

Our team of tutors are experienced in teaching you how to appreciate and critic texts better. We have devised a unique curriculum that encompasses the following (which most school teachers do not teach!):

  • Areas of Critical Theories

(E.g. New Criticism, Psychoanalytic theory, Feminism, Queer Theory etc. Just to name a few. )

More will be covered in lessons.

  • Themes of Texts

(E.g. Gender Issues/Victorian Lit /Asian vs. Black American Lit/ Dystopian or Utopian Fiction etc.)

  • Prose and Unseen Textual Analysis

(Tools for Encoding the Poetry Component that many are dreadful to face in the examinations.)

(Common Tools: 5 Senses Imagery, Narratology, Memory/Trauma,  Onomatopoeia.)

Whether you are a competent writer or reader, Literature Paper in English is Tough to Score because of the amount of extensive reading that you would have to commit yourself to, not only that, at Pure Literature Level in Secondary School one has to cope with 2 texts. At JC level, one has to cope with 5 texts for H2 students.

We know how overwhelming it feels, to be pressurised to excel in Lit and the hard sciences.

That is why we have also went on to go the extra mile to assist you if you decide to enrol in our lessons. We are determined to help you get the A you deserve.

Now for a limited period only!

  • Our students can access to our notes created by E-Lit tutors that have crafted out mind-mappings and summaries of texts chapters of almost every text that is covered under the MOE Reading Lists.
  • We have a wide repertoire of titles, still in the midst of expanding in the passing months and following years. Currently, we have already a handful of notable lists collections that includes:

– Shakespeare

– Titus Andronicus

– Julius Caesar

– Othello

– Macbeth

– Crucible

– Hamlet

– Anthony & Cleopatra

– A Midsummer’s Night Dream

– A Streetcar Named Desire

-Water land

– All my Sons

  • Cambridge Examiners Reports
  • Sample Scaffolding of Answers and Essays to refer to

So what are you waiting for?

Join us now, call us at https://m.me/adamsmithlc and our administrative staff will answer to your enquires asap.

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