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A-Level Private GP Tutors

Looking for qualified and highly experienced A-Level home GP tutor for you or your child?

Searching for last minute GP help, so as to raise your score in the shortest time possible?

Our GP tutor network is vast, with about half from existing local junior colleges (JCs). A few are actually the HOD tutors from the Pre-U schools. 


Selected Profiles of A-Level Private General Paper Tutors:

Mrs Tan Hsien Shih

I went to good schools all my life, was a Humanities scholar and liked learning so much I went to university, twice. The first time, I read History and Political Science. The second time round, I moved to a different continent, read psychology and had so much fun with it, I went on to do an Honours year in it. For all my effort, the university awarded me a First Class Honours for it, published my thesis as a paper and offered me a PhD scholarship.

I turned down the scholarship to go back to Singapore. I had decided that I had gone so far academically because I had great teachers who inspired me with their passion, commitment and knowledge. I wanted to do the same for those who came after me. For ten years, I taught in top JCs in Singapore with the same amount of fervour and commitment that my own teachers did. I modeled my teaching philosophy and lessons after theirs.

I also made it my life’s mission to make sure that the students who went through their pre-tertiary education with me graduated not just with good grades but with a keen awareness of what was going on in the world around them and a sense of social responsibility to those they shared their society with.

When asked why I teach, my answer is simple; I teach in the hope that it would inspire greatness.

When I read about the Boston Marathon Bombing or the Malaysian Elections, I don’t react the way normal people do. Instead of just mourning the deaths of the victims, my brain goes into overdrive drawing the links to A- level General Paper and its associated issues and themes.

Having read an array of courses in university, my approach to General Paper is as multi-faceted as the subject itself. In addition to that was the training and insights I developed from being part of the team that set up the Knowledge and Inquiry subject at one of the most reputable junior colleges in Singapore- Temasek JC. My teaching pedagogies were heavily influenced by that and by what I envisioned as the end point for my students by the end of their pre-tertiary education. My students always tell me that they leave my lessons with a heavy head because of the intensity and sophistication of argument and debate that happens within the tuition class.

Unlike other JC GP tutors in Singapore, I do not count my successes as those who score distinctions in the A-Level General Paper (GP) Examinations. Those are definitely good things to have and I see them as a given for any serious student who has listened to the things I have taught. I see my successes as those who go out there and use what I have taught them in class to change things, speak up and help those who cannot be helped. When I hear that, that is when I know I have done my job well.


Mr Hong KT

I am always a fan of reading, since young. In fact, I read about 5 books in a week. So English language has always been my forte. When it comes to English comprehension, I am able to grasp the point(s) the author is driving at.

Now, it is my mission to make English comprehension tests and exams a breeze for all my students. It’s fun and challenging at the same time.


So contact and request for your A-Levels GP tutor at home, now.


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