A-Level Private Physics Tuition

Can Physics Tuition Lessons Really Help You Secure Your Distinction? A Survey Of Our A-Level Pupils Says We Can.

How to stop your Physics grades from suffering further NOW—– even when nothing seems to work for you at the moment.

“Very Good Physics Tuition in Singapore!

As a student, I have always enjoyed Physics, even while I was a Secondary 3 student in St. Andrew’s School, My interest became more keen in JC1. However, strangely, I have never been able to pass the subject since JC1.

During the March holidays, I attended an intensive holiday programme for H2 Physics in Bishan conducted by Mr Ong. For the first time, I found electromagnetism fun and scorable!

I followed Mr Ong’s Physics exam skills, strategies and methods for the structured paper, and true enough, I double my score in Block Test 1, and got a grade ‘B’!

With the new found sense of confidence in Physics, even my other subjects, even Economics also improved markedly.

His methods will work for any student with any existing Physics background.

Wee Woon Sun
St. Andrew’s Junior College (SAJC)
H2 Physics”
Dear A-Level Student Future University Undergraduate,

Or are you struggling to master and internalise the higher order thinking skills of application, analysis and evaluation?

Is you Physics grade still hovering around “E”, “S” OR even “U”, or it has been a ‘D’ or ‘C’, but has been stagnant since 6 months?

Even after attending Physics tuition in Singapore with other tutors, do you still say to yourself: “I don’t know how the distinction is obtained or,”I don’t know how to handle the planning question in the structured paper”…..

And to that, at our A-Level private Physics tuition agency in Singapore, here’s what we do for our students:

Distinguish between the H1 Physics and H2 Physics syllabi.

After spotting the difference the H1 and h2 Physics, zoom into selected topics that are only for H2 students., for example, Motion in a Circle, Thermal Physics, Nuclear Physics. etc.

Here is the logic: At Physics for ‘A’ Levels, most subjects have been split into H1 and H2 A-Level exams. For the H2 Physics to be significantly different from the H1 exam paper, the above mentioned topics, along with other key topics, must be set with a fairly high weighting of marks on them.

See H1 Physics tuition and also H2 Physics tuition for details on coverage.

Go to Physics Home tuition schedule for info on the available timings.


Physics Tuition Singapore – H2 Physics Tuition

With that in mid, we pre-empt the multiple choice paper (paper 1) question combination, by taking into the number of MCQs, the number of MCQs per topic, the number of MCQs that require calculations, the number of MCQs that involved diagrams, etc.

We do all this for you in our Physics revision lessons, so that you don’t have to.

Similarly, with the discrepancy in the topics, we can predict with a decent degree of confidence, what goes into the structured questions (in Paper 2)and the much longer structured questions in Paper 3.

With these short cuts, tip and strategies, wouldn’t you have reduced your time, effort and still remain sane and bubbly, to handle your other A-Level subjects?

In addition, students prefer our A-Level Physics revision at our tuition center mainly for the following:

Current & Ex-JC Physics Lecturers. (See our Physics Tutors‘ Profile)
Useful & Concise Physics Notes
Structured Physics Lesson Plans with teaching of exam techniques
So come and attend our trial lesson, for FREE!. No other A-Level tuition centres or Physics tuition specialist provider has ever done this.

(Does it give you an idea the level of confidence of what we do for our JC students in our Physics tuition lessons? Read our Physics tutors’ testimonials here.)


Physics Tuition Singapore – Physics Home Tuition

Are you having difficulties mastering many of the key concepts, principles, and theories of A-Level Physics? Have you postponed reading up on your Physics lecture notes, until you fell that it’s kind of too late?

For those of you who prefer individual home tuition, or private for a group of you at someone’s place, we do have Physics teachers who will be able to see at your time and place of convenience.

In fact, we currently work with about 40 Physics home tutors in Singapore, who are all highly qualified to help you secure your Physics distinction, in the shortest time possible, regardless whether it is H2 Physics or H1 Physics.

We understand that some students find time in JC very tight, hence prefers not to travel. JC Physics has also proven to be an increasingly difficult and challenging subject, with the topics frequently changing, especially under the Modern Physics section.

If yes, then you must consider Physics home tuition lessons with us.

Are we the best home tuition in Singapore? We do not claim so. Are we the best A-Level home tuition specialising in JC tuition, especially H2 Physics tuition? Yes, definitely.

Our forte is to be able to help students in enhancing answering techniques in exams, notably for the structured questions, and the planning component.

So, in short, revision for Physics need not be harsh, difficult or taxing. In our Physics classroom, learning is made deliberately fun, relevant and easily applicable to real life, so that learning Physics in each and every Physics tutorial can be one of the most enriching thing you can experience.

Going beyond mere A-level Physics tuition, we have implemented our Physics Programme – specially designed to not only help students fully understand concepts but also develop passion for the subjects. We review all physics materials to ensure that they are up-to-date and are consistent to what is being taught in schools.

Unlike other H1 or H2 Physics tuition center in Singapore, tutors at AceSpecialistHub incorporate an all-inclusive system to develop skills needed in A-level Physics. The emphasis throughout is on the understanding of concepts and the application of physics ideas in novel contexts as well as on the acquisition of knowledge.

Each Physics lesson for one to one tuition will be broken up into 3 main parts.

Content review
Key concepts and formulae/definitions
Practice – selected parts of a question to be attempted in the lesson, relating to the content and skills taught (alternative approach and address common misconceptions)
Our tutors

Our experienced Physics tutors are highly engaging and encourage creative thinking and problem-solving skills which are transferable to any future career path.  More importantly, our tutors in Singapore will be able to help the students understand Physics concepts and hone appropriate skills to answering of A-Level examination questions.


Physics Tuition Singapore – Physics Tuition Lessons Material 

In our Physics revision lessons, students can look forward to the following materials:

Topical Physics notes, for both H1 and H2 syllabi,
Physics questions and problems, especially from past year JC (esp from RIJC, HCI, VJC, ACJC, etc) prelim exams as well as Cambridge A-Level recent questions papers
A summary booklet consisting of Physics equations
Self-designed and original Physics worksheets, books and booklets
Teaching-wise, each lesson on average, spends about 35% of the time on the content knowledge such as the fundamentals of Physics (basic Physics) including Measurement, Mechanics, to the tougher sections such as Waves and Quantum Physics.

The remaining 65% is on the heavily required exam techniques of the higher order thinking skills set, namely application, analysis and evaluation). The same goes for H1 Physics tuition.

So find a Physics tutor and a good Physics revision time slot using the online form now.

If you really require Physics tuition help, do attend our lesson early, as by the end of June, there are very few JC Physics tutors left.


So, go ahead and sign up for our Physics tuition lesson with immediate confirmation when you request for a Physics tutor.

Or just give us a call at https://m.me/adamsmithlc right away.
Thank you, and

Happy revision!


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