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We at Ace Specialist Hub aspire to be the largest private tuition company in Singapore. As you may have known by now, the educational standards locally are very high, and every revision of the exam syllabi and assessment modes of each and every subject merely gets more and more difficult. We intend to make examinations and tests a breeze for all subject learners in S’pore.

Formal assessments can be hard. Why not make it easier?



Private Tuition Company – How to Make Exams Easier?

Would you agree that you can view subject examinations as a game? And every game comes with a set of rules. The beauty is that every game, no matter the rules, has loopholes.

Our desire is to recognise and realise the “loopholes”, and share these secrets with you, in the form of:

1. Learning shortcuts

2. Superior exam answering techniques

3. Sharp time management tactics,

4. Internal mental conditioning

To ensure so, 100% of our private tuition teachers are trained, regardless of whether they have attended NIE (National Institute of Education) PGDE (Post Graduate Diploma in Education) programmes, or merely existing undergraduate students who are majoring in the subjects they teach.


Private Tuition Company – Private Teachers Provider

With our goal to have the largest pool of trained tuition teachers, our tutoring company is on course to offer the widest pool of teachers for all subjects and levels.

Do we provide outstanding and competent tutors for the local schools who prepare pupils for PSLE, Cambridge “O” & “A” Levels?

Yes, definitely. In fact, we specialise too, in the provision of home tuition lessons for IP (Integrated Programme) students who are from National Junior College (NJC), Dunman High School (DHS), ACS (Independent), etc.

Not to forget the unique 3-year junior college (JC) programme run by Millennia Institute (MI). Due to the difference in sequence and pace of topics for most A-Level subjects, MI students will benefit if their private individual tutor can customise to their specific learning needs.

And of course, the special Gifted Education Programme (GEP) for Singapore priamry school children who did exceptionally well in the streaming assessments in lower primary, and still need the occasional homework help from our GEP one-to-one tuition teachers.


Do we also have experienced lecturers and teachers who are familiar with the other syllabi of  iGCSE, IB Diploma, Edexcel, Cambridge International A-Levels?

Actually, yes too!

Unlike most other companies for private tutoring, we are thoroughly knowledgeable in the syllabi of iGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) , International Baccalaureate (IB) programme, including St. Joseph’s Institution (SJI), Hwa Chong International (HCI), etc.

We even have specialist subject provider who focus solely on preschool home tutoring lessons. For example, in Singapore, the emphasis on mother tongue languages is fairly demanding, especially Chinese and the language of Mandarin.

In order to help their kids to breeze through Primary 1, we highly recommend that parents consider the need to give their child a head start in Chinese. Such a pre school learning advantage will prove to be a wise strategic move in the years to come.


Therefore, no matter for the mainstream learning schools for primary, secondary or jc education, or the lesser learning paths of iGCSE, IB Programme, Cambridge International ‘A’ Levels, Pre-schools, kindergarten lessons, etc, we are sure to have trained and caring home tutors for you or your child.


Hence, let our private tuition company administrator @ help you in sourcing for the finest learning help now. Find your private tutor here.


Happy Learning & Happy Revision!