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GP Tuition: Sample GP Examination Paper – ASRJC  

Searching for an experienced GP tutor who is very familiar with the teaching sequence and topics of Anderson Serangoon Junior College or aka ASRJC? Since the merging of AJC and SRJC, regardless of group General Paper tuition or individual GP tutoring, we at AceSpecialistHub can help you to seek the tuition teacher you are seeking.  

Here’s a sample of GP Essay Paper (Paper 1) shared by our ex – ASRJC student who attended our GP lessons:


1. ‘Globalisation is failing to fulfil its promises’. How far do you agree?

2. “Science is heading in the wrong directions for the wrong reasons.” Discuss.

3. “Reality TV is a sad reflection of modern society.” Comment.

4. “There is nothing heroic about war.” Discuss.

5.”A picture paints a thousand words.”
In what ways can a painting render a scene or convey an idea more effectively than a written description?

6. “Trust your instincts.” Is this sound advice?

7. “A truly great library should contain something in it to offend everyone.” Comment.

8. “Humour is our best defence against life.” Discuss.

9. Who leads a harder life in modern technological societies -men or women?

10. Do you agree that all forms of terrorism are inevitably self-defeating?

11. ‘We are over-reacting to the potential effects of global warming.’ What are your views?

12. How important are animals in our lives? 

ASRJC General Paper Tuition – Sample Model GP Essay Answer

Here is a full length sample answer to the following GP essay question: 
Q12: How important are animals in our lives?

Animals have existed in this world for centuries, some of them appearing on Earth even before the evolution of humans. From the humble mouse to the majestic lion, animals have existed alongside the human race for a long time. Over the years, humans may have changed the environment and their relationships with certain animals for their own needs, but it cannot be doubted that animals are very important in our lives, in the present as well as in the past. In fact with the advances in technology. we learn to appreciate animals even more due to various reasons, and see that animals actually play a major role in our lives.

Certain domesticated animals, such as cats and dogs, provide companionship and love to their masters and mistresses. Scientific research has shown that people tend to relax more whenever they are with their pets. Even their moods would be lifted should they see their pets. Scientists believe that this may be due to the fact that they see a loving and loyal friend in their pets, which cheers them up immensely. As can be seen, pets, and certain animals, tend to have a soothing and calming effect on humans. Even for bigger, more intimidating animals, bonds between them and humans can be observed. Zookeepers usually form close bonds with their charges, while mahouts usually find great and lifelong friends in their elephants.

The friendship and bonds of animals to humans benefit both sides, as on one hand, the animals are well taken care of and loved, and on the other hand, the humans tend to be happier and more relaxed, as well as being loved in return.

Animals are also important in our lives due to the fact that they have certain, more acute senses than humans that can prove useful to us. For example, we use the dog’s remarkable sense of smell for many purposes, such as sniffing out drugs in luggage and identifying criminals for crimes. In fact, in America, many crimes are solved every year with the help of dogs. As can be seen, animals such as dogs can aid us in our daily lives in many different ways, one of which is enforcing the law. Aside from law enforcement, dogs can also contribute in the field of medical science and first aid.

Dogs are able to sense when a person is about to have a heart attack, and can warn their masters of an oncoming attack, even before the master can feel that something is amiss. This can significantly reduce the number of deaths from heart attacks, and can potentially save lives. Aside from dogs, other animals are also significant in their contributions to the medical field. Certain animals are naturally resistant to certain viruses and diseases, and human scientists can use them to do research and create vaccines and cures for illnesses and diseases. Thus, it can be seen that animals are very important in our lives because some of them hold the potential to save countless human lives.

Animals can also help us to understand, and better appreciate, the world we live in. For example, cameras mounted on animals help scientists to better understand the animals’ behaviour, and help to dispel myths about the animals. Furthermore, through the mounted camera, we get to see the world from the animal’s point of view. This helps to enrich our lives, and teaches us that we are not the only organisms living on Earth, and that we should share and try to aid the other animals on Earth. A good example of this is the program “Critter Cam” on

the National Geographic Channel, which shows images from the animal’s point of view. Also, research on animals has caused a greater appreciation of life, with certain valuable lessons learnt from the behaviour of certain animals. For example, the close bonds and relationships between monkeys in their family and tribe, the constant vigilance of the prairie dog for predators, as well as the cooperation of a pack of lions while hunting zebra help to teach us humans extremely valuable lessons on life that we might not have held important before. Therefore, it can be seen that animals are very important, as they help to enrich our lives, and give us another perspective of life we may not have seen before.

However, with advances in technology, certain gadgets are being invented to try to replace animals in our lives. For example, in Japan, a robotic dog has been invented that mimics the actions and behaviour of a real dog, and is touted as being able to replace dogs as man’s best friend. The robotic dog is even able to sense its owner’s moods and can respond to him or her in different ways, much like a real dog.

Also, the invention of virtual pets such as the tamagotchi, which claims to require as much responsibility for taking care of it as for caring for a real pet, jeopardises the role of real pets in our lives. I feel that, even though these mechanical pets claim to be able to replace real-life pets, they will never be able to do so, as the warmth and joy of a real-life pet, and the love it has for its master, can never be replaced by an artificially-intelligent robot, because, above all, we still unconsciously know that the robot has been programmed to behave in a certain way, rendering everything it does as being artificial. The genuine feeling of companionship and love is lost, and can never be replaced by a technological gadget. Therefore, I still believe that animals are very important in our lives, as the feelings they evoke in us can never be replaced.

The usefulness of animals is also threatened by technology, with scanning devices used to check luggage for illegal goods, and security cameras and high-tech machinery doing the work of guard dogs. However, I feel that, in some cases, machinery may never be able to replace animals. For example, a dog may be able to sniff out a secret compartment of drugs that the scanning device may have missed. Security cameras can be switched off or malfunction, while the dog does its work vigilantly. The massive number of crimes solved with canine aid around the world shows that the usefulness of dogs, and animals in general, has not diminished in certain areas, even with the onset of technology. Even the basis for the development of cures and vaccines for new ailments has to come from animals first, and is very difficult to create from technological methods alone. Thus, animals are still very important in our lives, with certain benefits they bring not capable of being substituted by technology.

Animals are a vital aspect of our lives, and we should do our best to treasure their existence, as we are mutually dependent on each other. Without animals, we would not be who we are today.     

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How to get to ASRJC?

Anderson Serangoon Junior College (ASRJC)  is located in 4500 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6, S569843, the previous campus of AJC. The nearest MRT is Yio Chu Kang MRT (NS15) along the red line (aka North-South Line).

Note that ASRJC will relocate to 1033 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534768, from January 2023 to December 2025 (tentative), as the current campus will be undergoing upgrading.

Note: ASRJC is merged with both AJC and SRJC .


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