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Send us any questions via email (find us here: info (@), if your question is not yet answered here.

Is this English & GP Tutoring website really free?

Yes, it is. This website for English & GP  is really 100% free, for Singapore primary, secondary and JC students.

I love to contribute to this website with some answers for GP essays and comprehension papers. How do I go about it?

Thank you in advance for your selfless contribution!. You can simply contact us at, and share your answers as attachment in the email.

We will credit you specifically for your efforts! 

Why aren't there any suggested answers to past year question papers from Cambridge A-Levels?

I wish we can provide model answers to A-Levels past year exam questions from Cambridge. However, we do not own any copyrights to those exam question papers, hence we do not have permission to reproduce such Q&A here. Thank you.

Can I post a few questions of General Paper essays and comprehension papers here, and you create some answers for me?

Yes it is possible. Similarly, send your questions to, and we shall offer some sample answers promptly.

I really like the work done here by you all, and I would like to make a financial contribution. How do I do so?

Thank you for your appreciation for the hard work we have put in since Day 1. The easiest way is to do so by PayLah or PayNow. Get in touch with us via email:, and we’ll send you the details. 

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