JC Further Maths Tuition

JC Private Further Mathematics Tuition

Are you an A-Level student who is taking JC Further Maths (aka ‘F’ Mathematics) in our local junior colleges (JCs) in Singapore, and looking for Maths home tuition lessons?

Or if you’re a Further JC1 Maths student, are you like many others, who although have no problems passing this subject, has never got beyond aa ‘E’ grade so far in JC1?

Or if you’re a J2 ‘F’ Math student, are you then like most JC students, who either no wish to develop in this subject or little interest in Maths, or have little notion of how to improve your Maths results, or have been unable to pass this rigorous subject?

Or is it that you realise you have snow-balled the topics too long, and yet you cannot afford to even get a ‘C’ in this subject, touted as the easiest of all a-level exam syllabus, knowing that almost everyone else you know will obtain a distinction in it, especially if it’s at H1 stream?

We think likewise as you do, believing that no one should, and can afford to get even a ‘B’ in A-Level Mathematics in Singapore. Yes, a distinction is a must! (how else can you qualify for an undergraduate course in a local university, unless you personally think Chemistry, Economics, Physics are easier than Math?)


Maths Tuition S’pore – Steps On Preparing A-Level Further Maths

To make JC Math a breeze for you, in the shortest time possible, here is what our JC F Maths tutors will do for you at our A-Level tuition centre in Singapore:

  • Provide step-by-step workings. By analysing the question requirements, and breaking down into a consistent step by step approach, we help student simplify the maths problems, and make the topics very much manageable. Unlike other Maths tuition agencies whose tutors merely teach how to tackle a specific question, we go the extra mile by first classifying question types. From there, we highlight the approach(es) to each question type.

By doing so, regardless of the topics maths questions are set and how twisted, novel and unfamiliar the exam paper can be, our students can still answer the Math test with great confidence.

They will then be able to overcome their fear of the subject for good. By focusing on the one huge barrier – application – pupils will become from zero to hero in this lovely subject.


  • Provide full length answers to past year Cambridge- UCLES GCE A-Level H3 Maths exams. rather than merely relying on the prelim exam papers of the local JCs, we strive to provide detailed answers to the most frequently tested question types from each of the topics and sections of the Pure Maths and Statistics.

JC Maths students will find this very tricky as they seek a home private tuition teacher for Further Maths on their own. The entire F Maths market in Singapore is very small, as the subject was withdrawn from the exam board fro several years. This loss of continuity implies that not many one to one maths tutors  have much access Further Mathematics resources, materials, exam papers, etc.

Provide full set of concise lecture notes for F Math topics. In any tuition for Maths conducted by any tuition agency, obviously, this is a must-have. On top of these notes, we also have a series of videos relating to key topics of Mathematical methods of differential equations (first order and second order), difference equations, integration, permutation, advanced theory of induction, statistics, etc.

Contact us and let our tutors for Further Math show you why we are the choice “F” mathematics tuition specialist provider in Singapore. If you are looking for a Maths tutors, kindly use the form to request for a maths tutor.


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