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GCE A-Level GP Literary Question: Irony

GP Comprehension Tuition: Irony

There is a contradiction between expectation and reality. When an action occurs, there is an expected outcome. When the expected outcome does not occur and what occurs in its place is the least likely or opposite.

In order to answer questions on irony, ensure that there are TWO parts to it:
a) The expected outcome and
b) the actual outcome which was the least expected / likely.


Examples for Practice

Eg 1. Explain the irony in the phrase ‘condemned to joy’ (line 38). (2 marks)

a. One would expect happiness to be an enjoyable and positive experience,
b. however/ yet, people are being forced to be happy or being happy is seen as a form of punishment


Eg 2. “I still remember the first personal e-mail I got from him. “Dear John,” it started. An e-mail just for me and a few million others.”
Explain the irony expressed in the above lines.

a.An email that was addressed personally (Dear John) ought to have gone out to him alone since he was referred to by name.
b Yet/ however the same email was also sent out to many other people


Trivia: Is it ironic that the name of Britain’s biggest dog (until it died recently) was Tiny?

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