GP Comprehension Paper – Media & Crime

General Paper Comprehension Sample Question Paper & Answers (Paper 2)

GP Comprehension Question Paper – Media & Crime

(Note: When a question asks for an answer IN YOUR OWN WORDS AS FAR AS POSSIBLE (IYOWAFAP) and you select the appropriate material from the passage for your answer, you still must use your own words to express it, and you will be awarded for your language, namely, for the quality and accuracy of your use of English throughout this paper Little credit (out of the remaining 15 marks) can be given to answers, which only copy words or phrases from the GP passage.)


Questions on GP Passage 1

1 From Paragraph 1, explain carefully, using YOWAFAP, the distinction between a “statistical correlation” and “direct proof of cause and effect”. [2]

A statistical correlation occurs when a measurable change in one area is reflected in a corresponding change in another The relationship is not necessarily causal. (Both changes might be brought about by another variable, or the similarity may be coincidental). (For eg, some people who eat long beans grow taller.)

Direct proof of cause and effect the change in one area is a consequence of the change in the other (for example, an increase in the amount of rainfall in a catchment area will cause a rise in the river levels).


2. (From Paragraph 4) What two reasons are given for the lack of research into the effects of video games? Use your own words as far as possible. [2]

Video games are something new(and hence there has been insufficient time for extensive research.

It is assumed that the existing and extensive research findings regarding the effects of violence on television are also applicable to video games, thus further research is redundant / unnecessary).


“such games are a recent phenomenon” (line.19)

“many of the experts believe their point has already been proven with television” (lines. 20-21)


3. (From Paragraph 4) Why is Murray more concerned about video game violence than television violence?

 Video games have the potential to be more harmful because the player is a participant who initiates / generates the violence, unlike television where the viewer is more passive.


“the viewer or player is actively involved in constructing the violence” (lines 22-23) 


4. (From Paragraph 5) “For the video game industry to claim that research on television and movie violence does not apply to them is like saying data on cigarettes does not apply to cigars.” Explain the point Grossman is making with this analogy. UYOWAFAP. [2]

* cigarettes and cigars are very similar products containing equivalent ingredients / involving the same practices 
• hence results of research into cigarettes also apply to cigars, so both will be harmful to physical health
* television and video games are equally similar in terms of content / medium / audience
* thus results of research into television also apply to video games: both will be psychologically harmful

Possible implication that because cigars are bigger, they can be even more harmful (just as video games might be more harmful than television – bonus marks!


5. (From paragraph 7) In what ways does Provenzo believe that the behaviour of young people will change ? Use your own violent tendencies (1]

Young people will more readily accept exceptionally vicious ways of resolving conflict situations.
(OR will be less repulsed by manifestations of violence).

They will be less willing to repress or control their own violent tendencies.


They will experience less repugnance at abnormally brutal solutions to human problems (lines 38-39)

“and show less inclination to restrain the aggressive urges within themselves” (lines 39-40)


Questions on Passage 2

6. (From paragraph 1) According to the writer why does Hollywood keep “making explosions bigger and fight scenes longer”? [1]

as people get more numbed by increasing levels of brutality 

more and more violence is required to sustain the level of interest


“exposure to filmed violence can desensitize … to more filmed violence” (lines 3-4)

“Watching an actor apparently get shot provokes a strong reaction the first time … but not the tenth time.” (lines 4-5)


7.(From paragraph 1) Give two arguments used by the author to counter the claim that media violence is to blame for desensitizing children to violence in real life. Explain clearly UYOWAFAP. [2]

-children are able to distinguish between real and staged brutality and regardless of how much violence they see on TV, their ability to their react to real life violence is undampened.

-research has only shown a connection between desensitization and media violence and not provided any proof that responses to filmed violence have an effect in real life situations.


“Young people … witnessing thousands of acts of imaginary violence show no impairment … when real violence enters their lives (lines 1-3) 

“Studies… violence can desensitize children to more filmed violence” (lines 3-4) 


8. (From paragraph 4) The writer refers to children being “saddled” with an anxiety (line 18). How is this metaphor appropriate in the context of his argument? UYOWAFAP. [2]

-the saddle is part of the burden a horse carries when it’s being ridden.

-likewise, the children feel burdened and constrained by a feeling of nervousness or worry that prevents them from responding in the way that they would like to.



H1 JC GP Passages – Article Sources for Media & Crime

JC H1 GP Tuition (Syllabus Code: 8807)
Source of GP Passages:
Culture Quake bv Paul Keegan,, 1999
Violent media is good for kids by Gerard Jones


Q10. Vocabulary Question (5 marks)

Word1 Mark 1/2 Mark
elusive (1.9)difficult to find / pin down ; difficult to establish, hard to provide evidence for



hiding, hidden, latent

No mark: difficult, hard

hair-trigger responses (1.15)sudden, impulsive reactions that are easily provoked given the slightest stimulus

sudden, impulsive

No mark: quick, rapid


engrossing (l.37)absorbing, enthralling captivating completely holding one’s attention; so interesting that nothing else matters

extremely  / very interesting;  fascinating

No mark: interesting



inspire (2.31)encourage, stimulate, motivate



priority (2.35)something seen as more important than other considerations; something ranked higher in importance


paramount; most important

No mark: important, concern



Reminder: Do not try to give a list (string of answers). Credit is most often be awarded to the first word, and the rest are disregarded.


Q9. Summary Question (SQ) (8 marks)

Gerard Jones argues that “we need to let [children] play the games they want to play. Summarise Jones arguments for allowing children to engage in fantasy violence.

Using material from paragraphs 3 to 6 only,write your summary in no more than 120 words. Use your own words as far as possible. [8]


Lifted from the GP Text
AIYOW / Re-Expressions

-“the need is inherent in human nature (line 11)

-People have always sought and loved these stones, and this is still so today” (lines 14-15)

-“Children today have been made far more acutely aware and the wrongness of doing so” (lines 16-17)


It is an innate desire.

Violent tales have always appealed to the Young.

Children have been taught to suppress outward displays of frustration.

-“inhibited from overtly expressing anger in real life deal with aggression in their imagination development” (lines 19-20)

-“must recognise their own violent promptings in order to learn self-control” (lines 20-21)

-“must confront and overcome their fears of external violence” (lines 21-22)

For healthy growth, they need an outlet for this repressed frustration.

they must learn to first acknowledge their own aggressive urges in order to learn restraint,

as well as face and subdue their anxieties about the aggression of others.


-“pretending to have superhuman powers.. conquer the feelings of powerlessness” (lines 24-25)

-“dual-identity negotiate the conflicts between the inner self and the public self (lines 25-27)


fantasising that they are invincible helps them subdue their sense of vulnerability

the ability of the superhero (allow this word) to switch roles helps children reconcile their personal feelings with socially expected behaviour.

-“Identification with a rebellious, even destructive, hero helps children learn to assert themselves . (lines 27-28)

-“merciful escape .. from the tribulations (lines 29-30)

-“helped hundreds of people ” (line 32)

-“therapeutic …transforming vulnerable victims into resilient individuals” (lines 32-33)

relating to a superhero also helps children become more confident and/or resistant to social pressure.

indulging in such fantasy also provides temporary relief from the trials of the world.

has benefited more people than it has harmed.

can have a healing effect on those who have been abused, making them stronger/tougher able to recover from setbacks.


1 mark for each point, max 8 marks.

Note: Time management is important for success in the summary question!
Reminder: it is a good practice to write down the number of words used.



Q11 Application Question

A number of arguments in Passage 1 assert that exposure to media violence can be harmful. Jones in Passage 2 insists that such exposure can in fact be healthy.

Considering the arguments made by both writers, do you think we should be concerned about the impact of media violence on young people in Singapore? Refer clearly to specific arguments and ideas from both passages as well as your own experience and opinions in support of your views [8]


Passage Arguments

YES (For)NO (Against)

-link between violent input and output
-physiological evidence of this link

-constant exposure to violence changes our our lives values, making violence an acceptable part of our lives

-constant exposure to the sense of invincibility associated with acted aggression distorts one’s perception of the detrimental effects of violence


No proven link between media violence & real violence

In contemporary society, there is too much emphasis on the social-correctness of civility and on not expressing frustration and aggression

These pent-up emotions are not healthy for development
Children need to find expression for these emotions

-children’s literature was violent in the past, but the violence was left to the imagination of the child — it was not graphic like the film and video violence today

-It may be that media violence exacerbates factors which are already present in a situation. It may have an undue influence on young people who are obsessive or isolated or who have been abused or in some way psychologically damaged, while the majority of young people are unaffected by it. This is still a matter of great social concern if it leads to Columbine style shootings.


If people cannot resort to real violence, one way to help them deal with their emotions is to allow them to indulge in fantasy violence

Children who have been subjected to violence especially need this outlet to develop healthily if they are to refrain from inflicting their hurt and anger on others in real life

As research indicates that victims of abuse sometimes develop into abusers themselves

Perhaps media violence is a symptom of a society saturated with violence rather than being a cause

Violent films often have a very moral context; extreme violence can remind viewers how repulsive this kind of aggression is.



Application to Singapore’s context


-young people in Singapore getting more and more impressionable, given easy access to media

-young people see plenty of violent films and a wide range of violent games is also available here (censorship tends to target sex and politics, rather than violence

-young Singaporeans becoming computer literate at an earlier age and are brought up on diet of increasingly violent video games

-exposure to such violence at such a young age desensitizes them to pain and suffering

Education and the social system in Singapore place a lot of stress on young children – need an outlet for their frustrations.

It is better for these children to occupy themselves in video arcades shooting imaginary enemies than picking a fight out the streets.

The 2 passages emerge from an American society that has been appalled by a number of callous college shootings in recent years. A result, the debate over the effects of violence on young people has been very lively

Singapore is a very different country with different cultural conditions.


-with increasing affluence and decreasing parental supervision (due to double income families), more families are resorting to computers to keep their children entertained and occupied

The crime rate, especially involving violence, is very low in Singapore.

Family structures remain strong and parents have strong expectations about young people’s behaviour (including the concepts of filial piety and respect for the elders).

There are strong legal deterrents in place including the death penalty.

Unemployment and other causes of social disharmony are not as apparent.

There is strong emphasis on moral education.

Guns are not a part of the Singapore culture; possession is illegal.

Drugs are not as freely available as they are in America.


It would be hard to prove any link between exposure to such media violence and public displays of aggression in Singapore. Perhaps Singapore provides evidence that other cultural factors have far more influence on the amount of violence manifested in a society than displays of violence in the media.

Naturally the possible impact of media violence on young people should be of concern, but for the moment, the debate is not as urgent as it is in the USA.


Our GP Teachers will share the actual Exam Marking Criteria for Paper 2’s AQ, during the lessons.


Mark Range 7-8m

Grade Descriptor
Systematic reference to the requirements of the question, with evidence of a balanced treatment.

Explanation includes good elaboration, insight and interpretation, also Includes reference to own examples and experiences.

Evaluation is sensible, well supported and developed to logical conclusions.

High degree of coherence and organisation indicated between sentences and paragraphs


Comments from Tutor for General Paper :
-If examples from own country is not given, only a maximum of 5 marks.

-remember to state your country and include reference to her in your application responses.


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