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Are you concern about your ability to write a good answer in the A-Level General Paper essays exam (Paper 1)?
Would you like to have quality ideas on how to write good quality answers for your GP essays?
If you believe in modeling good General Paper model essays for self learning, you have come to the right place!
(Yup, in preparing for the actual GCE A-Level GP Exams, we use our prelim papers from the local JCs, as well as very recent past year official ULCES and MOE exam papers.)
And we have resources from all the junior colleges, including the preliminary examination papers, and the actual GCE ‘A’ Level General Paper questions, plus essay outlines, comprehension answers and full length answers that our very own tutors have prepared. 

GP Tutors’ Testimonial:

“Choice GP Tutor for Chinese Scholars”
I am a Chinese scholar. Apart from GP and Econs, I was getting distinction for my other subjects. I had to get tuition help. While I did managed to find a good Econs tutor, the GP I consulted was quite poor.
Fortunately, my buddy recommended Mrs Tan. After I went for his first GP tutorial, I no longer was surprised why my buddy could do well in his General Paper exams!
In the end, I secured a B, and I am very grateful for Mrs Tan’s help.
My very sincere thanks to Mrs Tan!!
Fu Bing Bing JC2
St. Andrew’s Junior College (SAJC)


H1 GP Model Essay (Sample Essay Partial Answer):

Sample GP Essay Question: Discuss the importance of risk-taking today.
Frequently, we will add sample essay answers for your use. Essays such the examples of risk taking in Singapore, along with Media topic, Law and Order, etc are commonly selected Cambridge questions.
Sample paragraphs
      Risk-taking is more important today than in the past. In today’s “internet-speed” society, entrepreneurs, leaders and even the man-in-the-street can hardly afford to be conservative and just stay within accepted norms or comfort zones. Business people can ill afford to just keep to traditions and maintain the family business or keep repeating the success formula of old. When the internet first started to gain popularity in around 2000, there was a huge debate on whether companies should embrace the internet or stick to “brick-and-mortar” strategies. however, those companies which did not take their businesses online soon found themselves left behind.
     Today, almost every business has marketing services online. Many can be found on the Facebook social network. In the past, it would suffice to just park one’s savings in a post office savings bank. Today, with the threat of inflation affecting almost every economy, such a risk-averse behaviour
would be detrimental to the salary worker.
     Governments and insurers around the world encourage the Average Joe to invest some money in funds that would generate higher returns. Political leaders, too, have to take risks. The Singapore government has to take the risk of setting up expensive research facilities for the life sciences at the Biopolis even though the financial returns are not certain. It made the bold decision, against conservative opinions, to reverse a long-standing ban on casinos. This is the reality of the world today. Risk-taking is now a part of our lives.
 ~end of partial answer~
Largely relevant to the question, this paragraph also shows an attempt at developing the main idea found in the first sentence. It rounds off the discussion with a firm note which reaffirms what the writer started out with.
however, the examples take agency stage, overshadowing the writer’s analysis. The writer could have argued more explicitly that risk-taking is always a lesser option.
Although the writer has shown that risk-taking is important to almost all segments in society, there is the needling sense that this may not be the case for some. Thus, the writer would need to argue that risk-taking is necessary for even the people who we least expect to be taking risk.
Note: The GP tutors will complete this sample in the GP tutorial lessons.  More general paper sample essays will be discussed in detail in class. 

A-Level General Paper Demystified!

As a student, I have always enjoyed the discussion in tutorials, but I have never been able to pass the subject.During the June holidays, I decided to look for help as I seemed to fail and fail.
When Mrs Tan conducted his first GP tutorials in Katong, I was immediately sure that I could guarantee myself an A1 or A2, as long as I followed his GP exam skills, strategies and methods for essays and case studies.
Indeed, in 5 lessons, I saw my GP grade jumped from E8 into B3 during JC1 Common Test!
Mrs Tan is an experienced General Paper tutor who knows what A-Level markers want and are looking for. In fact, she is able to decipher the UCLES examiners’ report, and showed me exactly how the distinction is obtained.
Her methods will be able to help even the weakest students, to get A grades in the shortest time possible!
Thank you for your guidance, Mrs Tan.
Brandan Tan
Hwa Chong Institution (HCI), JC2, H1 General Paper

Our belief is that by using general paper essays sample answers, you can accelerate the learning process, yet raise your GP grades in the shortest time possible. After all, this is still a H1 subject at GCE A-Levels. Why invest excessive time, when you to do as good, if not better for your H2 subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics, Physics, etc. 
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