JC GP Intensive Holiday Revision Programmes

GP Intensive Holiday Revision Programmes
Dear JC1 H1 GP Student,
Congratulation on completing your Promotional Exams and Project Work! now that you have secured some success in your A-Level academic career, have you thought of building on that momentum and be thoroughly prepared for JC2 Term 1, whereby the teachers every single subject will load everything on you heavily?
After all, there is a significant chunk of the syllabi left to cover, for your A-Level Economics, JC Chemistry, H1 Maths, etc?

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!!

Mrs Tan really knows her stuff about the A-Level exam requirements. She’s a very good General Paper tutor, and personally I believe she’s the best General Paper tutor in Singapore.It took me so long to realise that it’s pointless to try to study everything single topic in GP. Once she helped me understand my own interests and writing style, Mrs Tan got me to zoom into key topics such as business and the world economy, globalisation, Economics, and to totally avoid topics such as national security, politics, terrorism, governance, etc.
How I wished I was told this much earlier in school. Then I wouldn’t have to suffer so much, and also allowed my Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Economics grades to suffer too.
Fortunately, I went to her class early enough to eventually secure my distinction for General Paper, my most phobic subject.
Thank you for your help, Mrs Tan!
Kwok Aik Hwee, JC2, GP Temasek Junior College (TJC)


General Paper Tuition Singapore – GP Revision Lesson Programs

Have you ever wondered how is the General Paper distinction obtained? In short, here is how it’s obtained:
In your GP Paper 1 (Essay Paper), you MUST demonstrate suffici
ent i) Application (with relevant and suitable examples), ii) Analysis (with ability to break down, dissect, elaborate, exemplify details) and iii) Evaluation (with ability to make sound judgements on the various views and opinions that may be contained in the essay question, which is increasingly multi-faceted in the recent A-Level H1 GP exams.
In addition, you have to demonstrate a higher level of language skills, beyond what you did in your GCE ‘O’ Levels, so as to secure at least 11 out of 15 Language Marks. For instance, the clever and strategic use of similes, ironies, oxymoron, stylistics, felicitous expression, etc will guarantee to boost your marks.
Finally, in your GP Paper 2 (Comprehension Paper), on top of the vocabulary portion, you have to conquer the Summary Question (SQ) and Application Question (AQ). For starters, let us just share with you one out of the several exam techniques we have for our GP students who have excelled in their exams.
The more skilled you are at being able to introduce philosophical opinions, or religious views, etc, into your Application Question, the faster your grade jumps!
And we exactly that for you, during our Holiday Intensive revision lesson programme!

A Very Good Miracle Worker!

I’ve been failing General Paper in both JC 1 and JC 2. Had it not been for Mrs Lau, I wouldn’t have obtained an A2 for my GP Exams at ‘A’ Levels.Both Paper 1 (Essays) and Paper 2 (Comprehension Paper) are very hard for me to master. Yet, Mrs Lau’s approach to answering the Comprehension paper is very systematic, including the application question and the summary question.
As for the essay paper, her emphasis on the higher order thinking skills makes one impossible not to improve the GP grades. Her approach to making learning GP effortless is a mark of an ace teacher.
If you have wondered how to improve your General Paper grades, I highly recommend you attend Mrs. Lau’s GP Tuition classes.
Thank you for your help, Mrs Tan!
Angeline Hor JC2, H1 GP
Dunman High School (DHS)

At the end of the (Nov – Dec) holiday revision lessons you will be able to
. Choose a question which will allow you to score.
. Do a proper question analysis. Understand the contention of the question as well as focus on the issue rather than digress.
. Know how to structure an essay so that there is balance yet you aren’t contradicting.
. Know you are expected to write in an introduction and a conclusion.
. Know how to write a counter-argument and a rebuttal. Know how to conceded and yet not contradict your stand.
. Do close reading of a comprehension passage and read for nuances.
. Know what are the requirements of answering a metaphor question / paradox / irony / oxymoron, etc.
. Know words to describe the author’s tone and attitude.
. How to pick out points for Application Question (AQ).
. How to structure and AQ and write an excellent AQ.
In addition to all the objectives, if you had missed all the important newspaper articles this year, fret not. You will be provided with all the important newspaper articles. The tutor will also be explaining all these articles and teach you how to use it in the essay.
Above all, you will be inspired to do well for GP and love GP!
Call to register NOW. We will return your call soonest, if we are unable to response immediately.
Thank you.
Note: If you can only take up the lessons from January next year, then you can pre-register by completing the request for GP tutor form here.