JC GP Common Mistakes

Mistakes in JC H1 GP Exams
Do you make these mistakes in General Paper exams?
In almost every single ‘A’ Level exams, the higher order thinking skills of application, analysis and evaluation are always tested here.
From the expression of the thesis, anti-thesis, to the application question in Comprehension paper, the H1 GP exam paper epitomises the requirements of the typical A-Level exams.
So are you like the majority of JC students, who have found General Paper very tough? If so, allow me to share with the most common mistakes made in GP, and when you avoid them, you will find life more pleasing and the subject more manageable, and even scorable.
Prior to undergoing GP tuition lessons with us, most students make the following mistakes:

MISTAKE NO. 1: Students prepare too many GP topics or worse, too few topics for the GP Essay, Paper 1

We’ll cut to the chase. It is practically impossible to study and prepare for every topic!
In fact, we have not to terms with most schools to cover 1 topic a week. Not only it’s too taxing, it’s unnecessary, and students end up lacking focus.
Rather than attempting to learn all the GP topics, the more logical thing to do is to understand one’s own strengths, interest and writing experience and from there, choose the best set of topics for General Paper.
For eg, we encourage ALL students to learn about Economics in detail. From business behaviour, economics events, government interventions, etc, as long as students read H1 Economics or H2 Econs, they will have a distinct advantage over those who don’t.
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MISTAKE NO. 2: Students go for exams, with absolutely no strategies to formulate and construct argument.

The Essay paper (Paper 1) requires maturity of thought, so balanced answers are always expected. The best way to show that is via well thought-out arguments.
Unfortunately, many students still appear contented, to stick to the introduction-body-conclusion fashion of writing essays.
This “O-Level” mode of essay writing will lead to disaster for “A-Level” exams. Yet, many went through their 2 years of JC education, without evening realising so.

MISTAKE NO. 3: Students don’t know the techniques to ensure a solid answer for the Summary Question in the Comprehension Paper.

Can we pre-empt the Summary Question? No. Can we pre-prepare the Summary Question? Yes.
Most students don’t know that techniques exist to overcome this difficult question. Though we can’t reveal all here, in our General Paper tuition lessons, we’ll show what works, and what doesn’t.
For instance, one way to summarise the question is to look for THEMES. Every paragraph has a theme or, perhaps themes. We will explain this method and the other few methods in class in great details.

MISTAKE NO. 4: Students usually face difficulty in meeting the requirements of the Application Question.

By far, this seems to be the most challenging question most GP students face in H1 General Paper exams. They usually face huge difficulties in understanding the requirements of the Application Question.
The level of comprehension and inference from the passage here is very high in this question. Obviously, this skill is best demonstrated with an example. In our General Paper Tuition lessons for exam skills, we are very thorough in imparting these high scoring exam skills to all our students.
(If you wish to see an example, see the free GP sample essay here)
With dozens more pitfalls to avoid and more importantly, strategies to master, so as to help you overcome the GP Exams, secure your distinction, and secure your Uni scholarship, this is exactly what our GP tutors aim to achieve.
Here’s what one of our students say: 
Ms. Devi is probably the best teacher that I ever have in my life.
It’s amazing how she can, in such a difficult subject like GP, break down into small, bitesize chunks, such that at the end of our GP tuition programme with Ms. Devi, I am able to actually pre-empt how the GP exam paper is going to be set.
Within such a short period of time, I have learnt tremendously and have gained an “unfair advantage” over other students in school.
Ms. Devi, I am certain that your teachings will put me in very good stead for the GCE A-Levels.
In fact, I am very sure I can get into the NUS Law Faculty, with my expected good GP grades.
Thank you very much!
Cristabel Kee JC2, A-Level H1 GP
Raffles Institution Junior College (RIJC)
PS: A-Level GP exams are really difficult and hard to score. I really urge you not to sabotage your own A-Levels by doing poorly for this H1 subject.
If you would like to attend the trial for General Paper with us , kindly call our agency Coordinator.
All the best for your A-Levels!
Request for a GP tutor, unless you want to leave it to chance of your GP distinction.