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Q1: What important factors would you consider when choosing a job for your career?


The choice of a job, I feel, is one of the important decisions a person makes in life. Apart from being one’s rice bowl, it also establishes one’s niche, role and status in society. It is the period of time when one is able to apply all that has been learnt in all one’s years of education and is a good opportunity to show one’s capability in society.


In choosing a job, I would, first and foremost, con sider my interest in the job. I feel that personal interest in the job overrides high pay and good employee benefits. Even though the job was demanding. I would enjoy it because I was interested in it and this is what I feel is most important to sustain my enthusiasm for the job in the long run. The job must also give a personal sense of satisfaction, so that I may achieve a goal or help serve the society in some way. This, I believe, would propel me to greater heights of achievement and I would be more enthusiastic in carrying out the work for the job.


The next factor I would consider would be the working environment. The working environment must be motivating, encouraging or even pressurizing at times. I feel that the working environment also plays a part in a person’s attitude towards his job. A good working environment pushes a person to perform his job well and encourages him to strive for further achievement.


Another factor I would consider are the promotional opportunities that the job offers. A promotion serves as an encouragement for me to continually improve and up grade my skills. It would also motivate me to work hard in order to scale the corporate ladder. It would also establish my position and role, not just in the company, but also in society. It would give me a great sense of satisfaction to know that the hard work I had put into the job had been acknowledged and recognised. It would also serve as a reminder to me that there are greater heights to be reached.


I would also consider the position of the company in society. The company should be recognised and well established in society as I feel that this is the basis for a stable job. Working in a well-established company would definitely give me a sense of security and would put me in the right frame of mind to continue to serve the company. The employer, I feel, is another factor to be considered. The employer, must be understanding, encouraging, but at the same time should kick me when I need it. An employer must exhibit leadership qualities and show himself capable. He should serve as a role model to me and make me want to learn from him.


I would also want a job that would allow me to apply what I have learnt in my years of education. This is so that what I have learnt would not go to waste but instead, through the job, I would learn how to apply the knowledge accumulated through the years. As the saying goes, “Education is a lifelong process.” The job should offer courses in upgrading skills, or talks and seminars on how to improve in my job. The job should also be accompanied by overseas assignments so that I would be able to widen my knowledge and to apply my skills in a broader context.


The pay, is also another factor that should be considered. The pay should fit the job. That is, the pay should tally with the amount of effort I put into the job. This would give me a sense of worth and help me to see that the hard work I put into the job is worthwhile. The company should also provide benefits like housing loans, medical and urgent affairs leave, transportation and medical benefits. Since some of the basic needs are already provided by the company, I would be able to divert more attention to my work and would be more dedicated to serving the company.


The last factor I would consider would be the distance from my home. I do not wish to spend too much time on travelling. Having to leave home early in the morning and not returning till dusk, would leave very little time for myself.


There are many factors that I would have to consider when choosing a job. Most importantly, however, I hope that my job will help contribute to society in some way or another.



Q2: Discuss the benefits of doing volunteer work.


Volunteer work is a very sensitive issue in the modern world. At a time when lifestyles are hectic, money is desperately needed to maintain a high standard of living. and no-one has time for family or even for oneself, why do volunteer work?


Indeed, volunteer work requires much sacrifice of one’s time and energy. It is hard work and seems to reap little reward. True, volunteer work does not reap financial returns, but there are rewards resulting from this work, depending on how one looks at things. Cliched as it may sound, volunteer work provides satisfaction of the soul and mind. It develops the “inner man” rather than catering to the material or physical needs of a person. It is these unseen benefits that motivate the volunteer worker.


Volunteer work is needed in homes such as old folks’ homes, children’s homes and the homes for the handicapped. We should keep these in mind as we analyze the motivating factors behind volunteer work.


As I mentioned earlier, volunteer work brings inner satisfaction to the soul. Not everyone may be able to experience this, but those who are, are able to derive joy just from seeing the pained faces of elderly folks break into a smile. Helping the handicapped child in physiotherapy classes and watching him finally take one independent step, can make a great difference in one’s life. Volunteer work does not dwell on the rewards the world desires, but is able to generate rewarding joys such as these.


Volunteer work also helps to develop one’s character and personality. It builds patience too. Helping the elderly perform tasks which can be easily done by the nor mal person, can be exasperating at times. This requires a great amount of love, care and patience which cannot be developed overnight. Moreover, the moods of handicapped persons may take drastic turns, and one needs to be able to adapt easily. Volunteer work requires a lot, but seems to provide little. However, it is this process of learning to care for and help others who may never reciprocate, that really develops the inner qualities of a person. For some this may be reward enough.


Constant exposure to those who desperately rely on others for help, and are dependent, will eventually lead to a greater understanding of mankind. No longer will we be frustrated with those who are less capable than us, but instead we will be willing to reach out a helping hand.


Volunteering our services and work of love brings love and hope to the lives of others as well as to ourselves. In some cases, old folks may have been abandoned by their children, and as a result become depressed and disillusioned with life. We may not be able to solve their problem, but at least, our very presence may be able to provide the support and comfort they need. Similarly, orphans, deprived of a fam ily unit and the proper love and warmth which a family brings, need our concern and care for them. This brings rewards that cannot be measured.


In addition to this, we may be able to experience the pure and unconditional love that these unfortunate people may have to offer. They have no-one to share their love with, and we may as a result be the fortunate recipients of this love.


It may be considered in society that volunteer work reaps no rewards. It is all hard work and no satisfaction. Indeed this view is very wrong. Volunteer work is hard and needs great effort and patience, but the rewards it brings are immeasurable.



(This GP model essay on Work is a repeated trend for the topic of Sports, Leisure Work.)

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