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GP Samples Essays – Humanity

Have you been looking for good General Paper sample essays on the topic of Humanity? Aiming to prepare this sub-topic of Human Rights / Philosophy as one of your main content topic for your upcoming GP exam, and is seeking for complete full length answers? 

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Q1: Are there reasons for mankind to be hopeful about the future?

In my opinion, there is little reason for mankind to be hopeful about the future. With the fall of the Soviet Un ion and the Warsaw Pact, one might have expected a period of everlasting peace and prosperity in the world. However, this is not the case. The demise of communism and its main bulwark, the Soviet Union, has opened up a Pandora’s box of nuclear arms proliferation, neo-nazism and rising unemployment. In addition, crime rates are soaring in major democracies around the world.


One of the reasons mankind should be pessimistic about the future is the rise of fascism and neo-nazism in Europe. The fall of communism in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union left behind an ideological vacuum, as citizens were not adequately prepared for a smooth transition to democracy. Thus, today, communism is being replaced by neo-nazism and fascism in Europe. For ex ample, in Russia communism’s demise paved the way for the rise of demagogues like Mr. Vladimir Zhirinovsky and his Liberal Democratic Party. Zhirinovsky and his supporters have urged the reconquest of the former re publics of the Soviet Union. In addition, he has vowed to annihilate any nation that stands in his way. Furthermore, he has also threatened to remove all Jews from the face of the earth. We should certainly be apprehensive as Mr. Zhirinovsky and his supporters have considerable clout in the Duma (Russian Parliament). Not only in Russia are such neo-nazis gaining ground; in Italy, the neo-fascists led by Ms. Alexandra Mussolini, Mussolini’s granddaughter, have two seats in the Italian Parliament. Mankind should certainly be worried about such developments as we could revert to an era of tyranny such as that under Hitler and Mussolini.


There is also little reason for mankind to be optimistic about the future as the threat of potential war faces us today. The fall of the Soviet Union and its allies has led to the rise of rogue states and the proliferation of nuclear weapons, For instance, Stalinist North Korea, which i suspected of possessing such arms has refused to open up its reactors inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) India has nuclear weapons and Pakistan is suspected of (having an atomic bomb. Relations between the two countries are often strained. Israel and Iraq are also suspected of having nuclear capabilities. Thus, with the threat of nuclear war in the future, we have little reason to be optimistic about the future of mankind.


Furthermore, mankind should also have a pessimistic outlook for the future as there has been an increase in civil wars recently. For instance, in Bosnia-Herzogovena, the Serbs are slaughtering Bosnians by the thousands under their scheme of ethnic cleansing. More recently, conflict has erupted in Rwanda between the Hutu and Tutsi tribes after the assassination of their President. As a result, many Tutsis have been massacred by the Hutu security forces. What is more disheartening is that the United Nations are not taking any significant measures to end such genocide. Thus there is a strong possibility that more of such conflicts will arise in the future.


Meanwhile, in the social sphere, mankind should also be pessimistic about the future. To date rising crime rates are experienced in many Western countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States. Moreover, the crimes are becoming more brutal and the criminals younger and younger. Children are no longer the symbol of innocence. For instance, in London, two ten-year-old children were arrested for bludgeoning a toddler, James Bulger to death. Meanwhile, in major cities in the United States people are being gunned down daily. With such ever-increasing crime rates, how can mankind be optimistic about the future if our personal safety is being threatened increasingly?


In the economic sphere, mankind also has little rea son to be optimistic about the future. With the fall of the communist nations, one might have expected the world economy to boom due to the emergence of new markets. However, this is not the case. In fact, the fall of communism has worsened the global economic situation by creating massive unemployment and hyperinflation.


For instance, with German Reunification in 1989, Western Germany’s unemployment rate almost trebled. This was because most of the citizens of the ex-communist East Germany lacked sufficient training for most of the jobs available. With the reunification the East Germany army was dissolved and this created massive unemployment. In the People’s Republic of China, hyperinflation is rampant as not enough consumer goods. are produced to meet local market demand. Such conditions threaten to persist into the future.


For all the reasons mentioned above, we should certainly be pessimistic about the future. However, there is still a grain of hope for a bright future. This can only be achieved if mankind were to put away all political, social and economic differences and cooperate for our mutual benefit.


GP tuition teacher’s comments: Bring in the fresher examples: Trump-Kim summit. Israel & Arab nations’ friendship, etc.


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