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GP Exam Skills Course
Dear JC GP Student,
Have you ever wondered why you never get your summary answers right? Or that the AQ seems so unpredictable?
Are you afraid that your pet topic(s) may take the form of an essay question which you cannot answer? Have you been frustrated by the seemingly unlimited ways in which a topic can be ‘tested’ in Paper 1?
This course will help you MINIMISE the loss of marks in the short question section of Paper 2, tackle the summary question with greater CERTAINTY rather than gut feel, and achieve a HIGHER QUALITY in the AQ section within the limited time that you have in an exam.
It will show you the FUNDAMENTAL question analysis skills that will save you from a topic-dependent approach, help you construct EFFECTIVE introductory paragraphs and use examples PRODUCTIVELY to maximise your content marks.

GP Tuition Singapore – General Paper Tutors Emphasising Exam Skills

We have arranged intensive A-Level revision programmes for JC1 and JC2 General Paper students.
Why choose us?
Comprehensive recent topical practice notes
Comprehensive reading material and current affairs and issues
Vocabulary Database
What you can expect from our revision intensive courses for GP:
Impart of higher order thinking (H.O.T.) exam skills, namely, Application, Analysis and Evaluation
Analysis of common question types
Error Analysis – Most common mistakes students make, and must be avoided
Preliminary Examinations – Question predictions
And many more tips and strategies for JC1 and JC2 students who attend our General Paper revision classes.
Unlike other intensive crash courses that you may have come across for General Paper, we do not re-teach mainly the content knowledge and topics for the subject. Rather, we are talking about the emphasis on the exam techniques that so many students lack for this paper.

General Paper Tuition Singapore – GP Examination Paper Structure

Essay Writing Skills (Paper 1)
Although you are given 12 questions to choose from, usually from a myriad of topics, it serves you better if you can identify each question according to the question type.
This is one area where we really shine. We advocate that you perform a way of Question Identification (more to reveal at the intensive program) and thus select the best choice.
Will we leave your distinction to chance. Absolutely NOT. That’s why we devise very specific strategies to write on your introduction and conclusion. Some simple devices include the use of anecdotes, quotations, etc
Furthermore, paragraph development, the key to your high score, is deconstructed into a step-by-step approach, that allows to use it every time, no matter which topic you go for.

GP Tutors’ Testimonials

Hear what our fully satisfied A-Level GP students say about our GP tuition lessons and General Paper tutors:
A Wonderful Teacher Who Can Restore Confidence To Any Child Who Was Hurt.
The GP lessons my son had with Mrs Tan really paid off.
Before Kian Meng attended Mrs Tan’s GP lessons, I had a Parents-Meet-Tutors session with his General Paper tutor in school.
She told me she could not help him pass the subject, as his foundation in O-Levels was not good. In fact, Kian Meng was reminded many times by the tutor of his poor secondary school background that he lost his confidence in GP, and that slowly spread to Economics and Geography.
After Mrs Tan saw him, Kian Meng was able to improve greatly in GP. His percentile was a very good 78% in Block Test 2 (BT2).
Better still, his Econs grades actually improved too.
Just that bit of confidence, and my son could function again. Thank you for your miracle, Mrs Tan!
Mrs Ang, Parent of Hong Kian Meng
Victoria Junior College (VJC), JC2, General Paper

Writing the Perfect GP Essay (Argumentative Writing Course)
Lesson 1. Structure of an Argumentative Essay
Logical Fallacies, Presenting a Clear Argument
Understanding the Key Words of the Questions
Lesson 2. Introductory Paragraph
Thesis Statement/Topic Sentences
Writing a good topic sentence
Lesson 3: Paragraph Development
Elaboration/Supporting Details
Use of Examples 
Use of Cohesive Devices
Lesson 4: Language and Mechanics
Avoiding Use of Sexist Language
Tenses, Passive Voice and Using Modifiers
Application Question Answering & Summary Writing Skills (Paper 2)
how do we ensure you improve in the shortest time possible? First, we ensure you secure maximum score from the Short Question section and Vocabulary question list by using our unique answering techniques. For example, do you know that, just by interpreting the context of the passage, you can usually obtain at least 3 out of the 5 vocabulary questions right?
Next, we help you conquer the Summary Question (SQ) by sharing with you our Summary Design and Writing Techniques. The good news is that Although this question is not easy to begin with, most of our students experience the greatest improvement in this section!
Finally, we tackle the Application Question (AQ). As you may already know, you need to recall quickly examples for use during examinations. In addition, you need to continuously demonstrate higher order sigils of evaluation, analysis and application throughout, in order to obtain maximum score. Our tutor has in place, an approach that will surely see you excel in this section.
Total Comprehension:
Application Question (AQ) Demystified
Summary Question Step-by-Step Answering Template Approach
This is what one of our ex-students got to say about our GP Revision Programme:
Thank you Sir! it’s unbelievable that I got a distinction for my GP. I never would even dreamed of a “B”, but your method work so well for me, and my 2 friends, Justin and Venus.
Although I saw you quite late, you still managed to perform your magic on me. With the lessons so effective, and the skills that made it so easy and usable, it’s no wonder GP is scorable!.
Thank you once again!
Samantha Ling, Innova JC, JC2 H1
If you wish to indicate your interest in the lesson, kindly contact us.