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Are you looking for way on how to improve your General Paper grades? 
Do you want to excel in A-Level GP exams? 
We provide a small group GP tuition lessons for students in Singapore that are doing H1 General Paper for the Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level exams, and at the comfort of your homes!

Best GP Small Group Tuition!

I used to have private tuition for GP, by a working professional who claimed he is a research analyst with an MNC.I felt that it was not working because first, he did not grade many of my essays. Second, he was always changing timings, so that I could not effectively arrange my time and have quality revision and study time.
What was worst was that he could not really teach me the exam skills that I really need, in order to secure the distinction needed to go to Uni.
Rather than “advanced level”, he was more like in the “ordinary level” mode. When I convinced he was just out to make a quick buck, I dropped him and got 2 more classmates to sign up for Mrs Tan’s General Paper tutorials. She kindly came to my house to conduct the lessons.
Mrs Tan’s lessons is aptly designed: how to get an “A” for GP in the shortest time possible.
I urge all A-Level students who need help to attend Mrs Tan’s lessons.
Conclusion: cheaper, yet more effective.
Shermaine Goh
Nanyang Junior College (NYJC), JC2


GP Small Group Tuition – GP Tuition Schedules

Students with preference for smaller group tuition for General Paper, and yet do not wish to travel to tuition cnetres for GP, usually like to improve their understanding, sharpen their General Paper skills and receive useful feedback from GP tutors, and at the same time, enjoy interactive and lively discussions in small group settings.
Here is how GP Group Tuition (in small group settings) can help you:
GP Group Tuition consists of a small group of students who learn and study together at our tuition agent under the able guidance of our tutors.
All the students in each GP tutorial lesson belong to the same learning pace and topics, and hence learning at the same level becomes easier for them at GP Group Tuition.
The lessons help students to listen to the opinions and ideas of other students, facilitating them to accomplish better grades in exams. This is important because the ability to construct arguments and forming balanced opinions are key to a very good grade in the essay paper.
The General Paper classes help students to learn see and understand the view point of other students and helps them develop a helping and co-operative attitude, which inadvertently help them in developing a winning attitude in life.
Our GP tutorials are especially beneficial for students who are struggling as they get to know students who are in similar situation. When they see other students trying to learn and accomplish better grades, the positive energy bounce off one another and each is in turn, encouraged to do better than before.

GP Small Group Tuition Makes Sense

I used to have private tuition by an undergraduate student from a local Uni. Although she managed a distinction for GP, I found that she could not impart any exam skills to me.All we did was going through page after page of GP topics. So at the recommendation of my JC friend from TJC (Temasek Junior College), I joined her and her VJC friend at her house, and attended Mrs Tan’s General Paper tutorials.
Not only did I learn a lot more, I paid less than half of what I paid to that home tutor.
I highly recommended that you attend GP group tuition lessons with GP Tuition Singapore.
Tan Shi Jian
Tampines Junior College (TPJC), JC2

Here’s what you can expect from our General Paper tutorials:
Affordable group tuition fee rates. Kindly contact us to ask about our General Paper group tuition rates.
Full coverage of all major General Paper topics, including Business & Economics, Science, Philosophical and topics of national interest.
Receive full length and outline sample General Paper essay answers of selected questions from JCs such as RJC, NJC, RVHS, etc.
Our unique approach to answering any General Paper Essay and Comprehension questions, that promises you that you will be able to handle any questions, no matter which topic you are asked.
Regular assessment and marking of General Paper essay and case study scripts attempted by you (or your child). One of the most effective ways to provide valuable feedback to you is to grade your writing, so that you know exactly how to improve in the shortest time possible.
If you would like us to call you back to arrange for small group tuition services, kindly register your interest here.
On top of all that, you can expect to benefit by learning the most vital General Paper Exam Skills.
If you wish to indicate your interest in the trial lesson, click here to find a GP tutor now, to confirm your preferred time slots.
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