JC GP Tuition

JC GP Tuition
Dear Parent / A-Level GP Student,
Do you have great difficulties constructing an argument in your General Paper essays?
Do you finding it a huge burden to learn a seemingly unlimited amount of examples?
Or maybe you are tired of reading page after page of lecture and supplementary notes, and yet never getting nearer that elusive distinction?
You spent lots of time practicing on writing GP essays and comprehension answers, but invariably you get increasingly disappointed that each time you get back your answer scripts, it’s always LESS than what you believe you deserve, given the MORE and MORE time and effort you put in…

GP Tutors’ Testimonials: One of our A-Level GP pupil said this of our GP tutorials and General Paper tutors:

Gain Your Unfair Advantage Here
Ms. Devi is probably the best teacher that I ever have in my life.It’s amazing how she can, in such a difficult subject like GP, break down into small, bitesize chunks, such that at the end of our GP tuition programme with Ms. Devi, I am able to actually pre-empt how the GP exam paper is going to be set.
Within such a short period of time, I have learnt tremendously and have gained an “unfair advantage” over other students in school.
Ms. Devi, I am certain that your teachings will put me in very good stead for the GCE A-Levels.
In fact, I am very sure I can get into the NUS Law Faculty, with my expected good GP grades.
Thank you very much.
Cristabel Kee JC2, A-Level H1 GP

Raffles Institution Junior College (RIJC)



If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have come to the right place because we’re going to show you how to experience the success in General Paper you’ve aimed to achieve, and put yourself on the road to academic excellence!
As you read every word of this article, you will appreciate how many of our students have managed to learn how to secure a distinction in GP under our tutors’ baton!
General Paper (GP) Tuition Singapore stands out among the plethora of tuitions centres available in the city at present, especially because of the patience, enthusiasm, knowledge and experience of the tutors in here. No wonder that majority of the students who had the opportunity to attend our GP lessons consider it as the one of the most effective A-Level GP Tuition Centres in Singapore at present!

Did you know that the A-Level General Paper Comprehension Paper has answering techniques to it?

Unlike other centres that provide GP (General Paper) ‘A’ Level Tuition in Singapore by merely giving out tons of lecture and tutorial notes of the various topics, our GP tutors aimed at imparting specific exam techniques and strategies to ensure you obtain a good score in your GP Comprehension Paper (Paper 2).
For instance, our JC H1 GP tuition teachers will show you how to tackle the Summary Question of the GP exam paper 2 with our step-by-step approach, so that every time, you guarantee yourself 7 out of 10 marks, every single time. (They also conduct smaller group GP tuition at your homes)
Also, our General Paper tutors will show you how the Application Question in this H1 GP exam can be consistently approached, such that no matter what the question asks you, you can effortlessly answer it and do well.
Besides the tips for Paper 2, we also guide you in answering your essay, Paper 1.
Here’s what you will learn at our GP home tuition lessons:
Note: During school holidays, our private teachers do conduct intensive GP Exam Skills Courses. See here for more info.

Did you know that the A-Level General Paper Essay Exam Paper has specific strategies to excel in it?

For example, in our GP tutorials for Paper 1, our students get to learn:
. how to write a killer introduction and a sound conclusion for your GP essays that will work for you EVERYTIME.
. how to ensure you never go out of point in your H1 GP essays,
. Which GP topics to focus on, and which topics to avoid (do you really need to prepare for all the 12 questions that are set in a single paper?)
. Plus a dozen other General Paper tips and strategies that will make a difference to your learning and results for ‘A’ Level General Paper!
[Note: Some of the GP resources for our JC pupils, including GP essays questions, and answers, list of common P mistakes, etc.
Also, our popular November-December GP intensive tutorial lessons.]

Did you know what it means to do very well in A-Level General Paper Exams?

With our A-Level tuition programme for GP, you’ll
. Be able to consistently produce top General Paper grades for your Common Test, Block Tests, Promotional Exams, Prelim Examinations, Actual GCE ‘A’ Level GP Papers.
. Pass on your academic success to your other JC subjects, especially Economics, PW (Project Work), KI (Knowledge and Inquiry), History, Literature, Geography and any other Humanities A-Level subjects.
. Qualify for your desired course in the University, be it the faculties of law, accountancy, medicine, business, etc
. Secure an undergraduate scholarship for University of your choice!
All you need is the know-how…… (read the testimonials from our A-Level students who have already experienced learning GP easier and faster, with our tutors for General Paper)

How is the GP Programme @ AceSpecialistHub set up?

Our A-Level private General Paper tuition programme  is a unique programme that runs on an ‘Issue’ platform. Each month, a new and relevant issue is covered. Within the framework, current events, relevant essay questions and comprehension passages will be dealt with.

[Note: This is a typical lesson plan that goes to all home tutors that conduct General Paper (GP). More teaching materials are given out. As mentioned, we aspire to to Singapore’s top GP Tutor’s Hub, with 100% trained tuition teachers. Having a structured scheme of work with a consistent work schedule for ALL of our JC H1 GP private tutors will ensure every student progresses steadily]


Why an Issues Based Approach?

This approach was chosen over the traditional ‘topics’ and ‘content’ approach in order to stay relevant to the GCE A Level General Paper exam, our students’ eventual aim. The A Level GP paper has slowly evolved from topic based questions to broad issue based questions that require students to pull in information and content from various topics for a single question.

Inspired by the critical demands of the world today, our students will be encouraged to develop a maturity of thought with a deeper and critical understanding of the world around them.


Will Skills be incorporated?

Skills will be incorporated into the lesson. Generally, within every module, there will be a lesson that focuses on either an essay or a comprehension skill. Essay outlines will be provided for the essay questions that are discussed in class to facilitate better understanding

The GP teachers are trained teachers who believe in critical thinking, in tune with what is going on in the world out there and most importantly, up-to-date with the current demands of the A level General Paper syllabus.


What will a typical lesson consist of?

Each week, the lesson will be broken up into 3 parts.
a. Mini-lecture
b. Essay/ Comprehension Skills Component
c. Current Affairs: This Week in Review

The same lesson will be delivered within the same level during any given week. Lessons might be altered slightly in accordance to the needs of the student.


Will there be assignments?

In the middle of each term, our JC GP tuition teachers conducts in one particular week, where students will be made to spend 90 minutes of their lesson doing either an essay (Paper 1) or comprehension (Paper 2). The Cambridge Examiners’ Report emphasizes the need for candidates to possess better time management. This can only be achieved through examination condition practices. The remaining duration of the lesson will be used to teach a current news case study.

So contact us ASAP, to experience one of the most effective and efficient private GP tuition lesson for JC students.