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Have You Ever Gone Mind-Blanked In An A-Level Biology Exam Before? Our JC Bio Revision Courses Pre-Empts & Predicts The Question Paper For You, So You Won’t Have To

The key question is always: How can our Human Biology revision course make the subject scorable?

So are you seeking an individual home private H1 Biology tuition teacher at your comfort of you house which can cater to your need of revision?

Actually, we do know not many tuition agency centres provide home tutoring for biology in A-Level. It may due too not many student will take biology this A-Level subject in junior college unless the course that they are choosing in university needed that subject. This is especially true for Pre-U students who aim to enter Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Chemical Engineering, etc.


Basically GCE A-level (General Certificate of Education In Advanced Level) consist of both

i) Higher 1(H1) Biology (syllabus 8875) or

ii) Higher 2 (H2) Biology (syllabus 9648). [click here for more info on H2 Bio]

Unlike the biology in O-Level (ordinary level) where they only learn the fundamental foundation of plant and human biology where cover topics like function and nutrition on plants and animals. As for the topics on human biology they will be learning on topics like circulatory systems (eg. Transport of blood in human body).

Currently they will be learning more in-depth of a-level biology where they will be covering topics majority about human biology details like formula (e.g started deviation using for ecological breeding) and topics on aerobic respiration than topic on plant biology.

Since then, the students who have been missing school lesson due to CCA (co- curriculum activities), hence they find hard to attend the group classroom tuition.

Or even some student find that the group tuition center does not cater to what their school in teaching.

They will tend to find individual tutor for biology which the tuition lesson can cater to their time schedule as well as to what their school is covering.

(Click here to read the biology testimonial which are student have written it for the tutors)

Here, we have specially created a Human Biology revision  course as well as biology revision  course which only be focusing on application.


Private A-Level Tuition Singapore – JC Biology Revision Course Program Outline 

Animal and Plant Biology Courses

  1. Cellular of function
  • Function of organelles in plants and animals cells
  • Structue of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins and their roles in living organisms
  • enzymes of mode of action
  • Replication and division of nuclei and cells
  • understand of chromosome numbers and variation
  1. Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry
  • Photosynthesis energy-trapping process in photosynthesis and energy releasing process in Respiratio
  • Aerobic respiration in Aerobic and Anaerobic
  • model of membrane structure of fluid mosaic
  1. Evolution (H1 Topics)
  • Neo-Darwinian revolution
  • Evidence of evolution


Human Biology Course

  1. Genomics and DNA
  • structure and function of DNA
  • Central Dogma deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) to Ribonucleic acid (RNA),( RNA to protein)
  1. Genetic Basis Variation


For H1 Covering:

  • genotypes and phenotypes
  • Mutations
  • The effect of genotype and environment on phenotype



As for the biology revision course for application topics are :

  1. Isolating, Cloning and Sequencing about DNA (Acid of Deoxyribonucleic)
  • DNA cloning ( of genetic )
  • Analysing of DNA and genomics
  1. Applications of Molecular and Cell Biology
  • Genetically modified organisms (GMO) and Genetic engineering
  • Stem cell



For our GCE A-Level Biology revision course, we have classified it into three parts of the revision course which either H1 Bio (Higher 1) students can attend.

This revision program course is a three week program where the students will be focusing on either on the Animal and plants, Human Biology or even the Application revision course.  Each revision program lesson will be 3 hours lesson.

Do especially note that for those student taking H1 Biology there will be two topics which you won’t be covering in your syllabus are variation of genetic and bacteria, as well as Organization and Control of Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Genomes. (There seems to be a handful one-to-one tutors for H1 Bio who actually teach these topics to students. And this is an error)

For the Animal and Plant Biology, they will be learning on how to describe and interpet in drawing an of typical animals and plants under the microscope. As well as the analysing the structure of molecular of a tricglycerideas well as function of living organism and explaining the effects of competitive and non-competitive on rate of enzyme activity.

As therefore the Human Biology, students learning on the sequence of DNA nucleotide, describing the strucutre of the role of  DNA and as well as how the genotypes is linked to phenotype and how the genes can passed from one generation to another using the gems cell.

After our JC (Junior College) student attended our revision program, they will find that our revision Biology tuition have help them make the revision simpler as we have split them into two type of biology course.   Hence they will realise that securing an distance and get to the course they wanted in University is much more easier as what they think.

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Enjoy your Biology revision.