Private H1 Chemistry Tuition

Are you like many other JC pupils, who do not spend, and does not feel like spending a lot of time and effort on your H1 subjects?

Are you a student from the Arts faculty, who is struggling to grasp H1 Chem (Syllabus Code: 8872), a subject that is in deep contrast as compared to the other subjects that you have in your subjects combination?

(If you take up H2 Chemistry, kindly click here.)

Are you ready to stop snow-balling the pile up of concepts and theories not learnt? If so, let our A Level Chemistry tuition specialists help you to overcome the final barriers to the route to your choice University.

Given the above difficulties, it is no surprise that for “A” Levels in Singapore, JC Chemistry tuition is the most sought after, followed by Economics.

Would you like a tutor who does H1 Chem like how a H1 subject should be conducted – short and sweet and effective?

That’s what JC students know us for in the market, with regard to our A-Level Private H1 Chemistry Tuition.

As we know that you do not need to attempt Planning Questions in the exams, no SPA to conduct, and also no “longer structured” questions to attempt in the actual H1 Chemistry, do you know that we can actually predict, with a high degree of accuracy and precision, how your overall paper is going to be set??
And this, we do it yearly and proudly, with great success!

Our JC Chemistry tutors are thoroughly familiar with the H1 syllabus and requirements and have the necessary breadth & depth of knowledge to help students understand the various Chemistry topics.


Our Quick & Effective Approach to H1 JC Chem Individual Tutorials
In a typical 2-hour lesson, The first 30 mins focuses on learning the key content knowledge, namely, Stoichiometry, Redox reactions, Reaction Kinetics, etc.

About another 30 mins goes to attempting selected multiple choice questions (MCQs, Paper 1). Not only do we provide solutions to the MCQs, we actually group questions into categories of question types. While other centres also provide groups of MCQs, they merely group into topics.

On the other hand, we add value to your revision by actually grouping it into types such as definition, diagrams, symbolic MCQs, calculation types, etc. By doing this, many of our students aim to get at least 28 correct answers, out of a total possible 30 MCQs! 
(More details will be released in the Chem tuition lessons).

The remaining hours goes to the imparting of higher-order thinking skills, such as application, analysis and evaluation, which you realise, is hardly taught in local JCs., Many students suffer when they come across questions set in an unfamiliar and novel fashion. We conduct the lessons that, no matter how the eventual paper is set, you can answer any question!

After all, in order to score for H1 Chemistry, you must know that less marks weighting goes to regurgitating content, and more marks go to application of the Chem concepts and theories. (Anyhow, can you afford to NOT attain a distinction for your Chem?)

Note that we do spend slightly more time on Inorganic and Organic Chemistry in our lessons. Unlike most tuition teachers for Chem that focus more on Physical Chem (which is already covered in some details on ‘O’ Levels, we realise that in order to get the “A” grade, we have to break the barrier, and boost students’ grasp of the topics such as hydrocarbons, halogens and its derivatives, carbonyl compounds, carboxylic acids, etc.

Here’s a quick summary of the Syllabus.
1) Physical Chemistry: Stoichiometry, Redox Reactions, Atomics Structure, Chemical Bonding, Chemical Energetics, Chemical Equilibria, Reaction Kinetics,
2) Inorganic Chemistry and the Periodic Table and
3) Organic Chemistry with a special focus on the structural, displayed and skeletal formulae.”


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