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Are you an Arts students, who is never greatly inclined in Mathematics, as your interests lies in the literary works, the humanities and social sciences?

Or are you a H1 (Higher 1) Maths student who wishes to establish a decent foundation in mathematics only, because you know that you have decided to major in one of the following course in the university, such as Business, Economics, Law, Mass Communication and the Social Sciences.

Many of our H1 Maths students fit the above profile, although a small number of the Arts students have to offer only the H1 subject because their schools determine so.


H1 Maths Tuition: Strengths of Our A-Level Tuition for JC Math

  • Many time slots. We understand that most JC students would opt for tuition help for the H2 subjects.. Hence the good timings of the weekends have already been taken up by their Economics tutors, General Paper tuition programme, etc.


  • Large range of materials provided. We not only provide the entire prelim exam papers of the local JCs from the year 2007 (the inception of the H1 and h2 syllabi split), we also use the actual Cambridge paper in our tuition lessons.

More importantly, most answers are the step-by-step workings, and available to you when you attend our lessons. This ensures that you can additionally learn by modeling, which is itself an accelerated learning technique.

The eventual examination for this H1 Mathematics subjects consists of only one 3-hour paper, in which there are about 5 questions based on the Pure Mathematics section (Section A) and also about 6 – 8 questions based on the Statistics section (Section B) of the syllabus.

As such, the H1 syllabus is rather short, covering only 1) Functions and Graphs, 2) Calculus, and 3) Statistics. As with almost all A-Level subjects, the main focus is the application of these concepts and techniques of mathematics and statistics.


Inspiring JC Maths Tutor. 

When I was in secondary school, I obtained As for both my E maths and A Maths. Honestly, I was very shock when my Common Test churned out a grade ‘U’. Knowing that I am unable to cope on my own, unless I am willing to settle for barely a pass grade like an ‘E’, my parents suggested I get help from a mathematics tutor.

Through Mr Tan , my Economics tutor, I got to attend Mrs Ong’s class. Through her diagnostic test, she could immediately see where my problem was.

Typically, my problem lies in the inability of not being to apply easily old concepts to new, novel and familiar situations and question patterns. This resulted in me not being able to answer the questions which were asked differently.

When Mrs Ong explained the major concepts from the first principles, it then struck me clearly, why I was struggling.

With that vagueness cleared, I could analyse links among various Mathematical concepts and thus apply the right ones in each question. Subsequently, I was capable of handling the different types of question with greater confidence.

In the end, my Promos was an ‘A’. I topped my class with 94%. Thanks very much, Mrs Ong & Mr Tan!

Wu Seow Li, Jurong Junior College (JJC), JC1, H2 Math

 H1 Maths tuition in Singapore – H1 Maths Syllabus

Briefly, the topic on Functions and graphs is very much an extension of O-Level Math. The Elementary Maths (‘E’ Math) and Additional Maths (‘A’ Math) have already taught Exponential and logarithms.

Besides, the graphing techniques general curve sketching topic extends with the use of graphic calculators, while manually, students must still be able to sketch various graphs, taking into symmetries, (horizontal and vertical ) intersections with the axes, turning points, absolute-value graphs, asymptotes, etc.

This topic also involves the solving of equations, notably simultaneous equations and inequalities. The system of equations is NOT required in H1 syllabus.

No Pre-University (Pre-U) course is complete with the coverage of Calculus, arguably one of the most important branches of Mathematics.

The concepts of Differentiation and its various techniques, including chain rule, product rule, quotient rules and the implicit rule are greatly used in college maths.

The applications become widely in theoretical and real life cases, from the derivation of gradients of tangents and normals, and locating stationary and inflexion points, to the solution of practical problems involving differentiation.

Commonly, our H1 Math tutors observe that the questions involve 3D figures such as cones, spheres, pyramids an cylinders, to calculate rate of change of fluids pouring and leaking from containers that assume the mentioned 3D shapes. Of course, this list is not exhaustive, and more will be discussed in tutorials.

Integration, the reverse of Differentiation is covered in great length as well. The main application involve the calculation of an area under a curve in Coordinate Geometry.

Finally, the Statistics section introduces in detail, the concepts of Probability and Venn diagrams.

The probability theory is furthered applied to the famous distribution theories, namely the Binomial and Normal distributions

Related concepts such as the mean(average) and variance of Normal distribution are introduced with further add-on application in real life hypothesis testing and sampling.

In order to make real-life estimation sound and feasible, the famous Central Limit Theorem (CLT) is used to treat sample means as having normal distribution, when hypothesis testing for a population is executed.

Lastly, students are introduced to the final topic of Correlation and Regression. Strangely, many pupils will find this topic difficult, although we don’t agree.

That is where our H1 Maths tuition programme really shine. By imparting the content and application, our students find that they have a higher probability of securing their distinctions when they do this topic properly, instead of dropping it altogether!

Fairly simple concepts of the correlation coefficient and linear regression are used and calculated.

In particular, students will learn in our lessons that the calculator can be used to check the accuracy of any answer offered in this topic.

This trick will be demonstrated and imparted. So do come and witness for yourself how our A-Level maths tutors transformed your grades quickly. (Read their mathematics tutors’ testimonials.


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