Private H2 Biology Tuition

For A-Level H2 Biology Students Who Love This JC Subject But Unable To Score An “A” Grade

Finding A-Level Jc H2 Biology a tough subject to learn and needed a Biology home tutoring help?

Having problem on passing your H2 Bio exam and needed a Biology tuition help you to score well?

We know that this A-Level Science subject won’t be an easy subject for most JC (Junior College) students to tackle and score, especially the part on experiment on breeding and sampling as well as the human biology as they will be covering details on human body parts (as opposed to Animal and Plant Bio) which need them to know thoroughly.

As we know that students which have attend biology lesson in school, they find that what they have learn in school they not able to understand as well as explaining about how to analyzing the DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) using gel electrophoresis , dihybrid cross problem solving using genetic diagram.

As for the JC H2 Bio ( Junior College Higher 2 Biology) they might even have problem on explaining how the species are formed using the reference of geographical isolation. Even how gene can affect the family generations.

Hence even there is some of the student might even short of the understanding of the content knowledge and as well as analyzing or the exam skill on how to attempt those question given to them.

While at AceSpecialistHub, our biology individual tutors have come out a revision biology program for the students which help them to build a strong foundation by given them comprehensive notes which help them to understand as well as memorising the concept of human biology easier.

Hence in our Biology individual lesson, they will be teaching them on the exam  skills technique as well as  how to apply the standard diversion formula of chi square easily when it comes to attempting or answering the question during their mid-term test or eventual Cambridge exams.


Private JC Tuition Singapore –  H2 Biology A-Levels Comprehensive Notes

This will be what GCE A-Level Biology students will received while attending the tutorial  Lesson:

  • Giving students comprehensive topical notes for revision
  • summaries of topical formula note for students taking H2
  • Various past year Junior college school paper questions as well as the previous A-Level Examination paper and solutions for answers

Those student who have attended our biology tuition, they will be know that the program is cater to what their need. As well as to overcome all the problem which they are facing or having in their revision, upcoming test given and also on their final year A-Level (advanced level) examination as well.

After all they will even find it that Biology A-Level the tough subject they use to think of will be a scorable subject for them after all and their revision time will be minimize. They can applied to what they learn in Biology applied to other A-level subjects as well.


Summary of Important H2 Bio Topics (Partial List):

(H2 Bio Topics) Human Biology

Diversity and Evolution
Concept of species
Variation, natural selection and evolution
The neo-Darwinian and evidence revolution


For H2 Covering:

effect of genotype and environment of phenotype
Loci between Interaction
H2 Topics: Variation of genetic and bactetia
(H2 Bio Topics)Organisation Control of Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Genomes
Eukaryotic chromatin strucutre
DNA level of Genome organisation
control gene expression
molecular biology of cancer


Note: The topics of Variation of genetic and bacteria, as well as Organization and Control of Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Genomes is guaranteed to be in GCE A-Level H2 Bio exams!!


So if you would like to attend our tuition for H2 Bio, you can either contact us right away or sign up the registration form to start your human biology tuition as soon as possible.