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H2 Maths Tuition

JC H2 Maths Tuition

Among A-Level tuition taken up by JC pupils, the demand for H2 Maths tuition is one of the highest in Singapore, because almost every H2 (Higher 2) students are expected to obtain an ‘A’ in this subject. (Can you afford NOT have a distinction for your H2 Mathematics?) Treated as the easiest of all A-Level subjects, as compared to the other subjects such as Chemistry, Economics, Physics, etc, here’s why we, just like your school tutors, believe you MUST obtain a distinction, and no other grades are allowed!  

 After all, most pupils obtained A1 for both Elementary Math (‘E’ Maths) and Additional Mathematics (‘A’ Maths) during “O” Level.


The market know us, as maths specialists, to be able to impart and raise application and analysis skills in this scorable subject, in  the shortest time possible. Regardless of your current scores and knowledge, our chief Maths tuition teacher has identified the most major 8 topics that you need to focus on, so that you cans secure 60% of the marks straight away.

More information on those 8 topics will be provided in our lessons.  

H2 Maths tuition in Singapore – H2 Maths Syllabus

In all of the JC Maths home tuition that we conduct, we take special care to vary our lessons for each group of student. Unlike the H1 syllabus which prepare students for the soft Sciences (humanities, law, social sciences), Higher 2 prepares you for the hard sciences (physics and engineering, etc) On top of whatever topics pupils cover in our H1 Math tuition, you also study the topics of Sequences and Series, Vectors, Complex Numbers and Calculus in this JC Maths subject.


Read the H1 syllabus here on Functions & graphs, Calculus of Differentiation & Integration, and Statistics (comprising Probability, Sampling and regression) The fun topic of summations and series involved the use of the Sigma sign to handle, and manipulate mathematical symbols and equations, along with the concepts of Arithmetic and geometric Progression (AP & GP). Vectors, in both 2D and 3D are learned and tested greatly! Coordinate Geometry concepts are to be recalled here, as vectors are determined in planes, tangents, normals, etc. One of the toughest topics of Pure mathematics is Complex Numbers.


Many students find it tough and complex [pun intended  (“,)], as they have to deal with polynomials in the general equation form, the sketch of the Argand and Cartesian diagrams, as well the application of De Moivre’s Theorem to determine the powers and n-th roots of a complex number. (If you manage to attend our lesson on Complex Numbers, you’ll be able to learn how we make this topics one of the best to score in! Call us to reserve your seat.) As for Calculus, the treatment is more in-depth than the H1 pupils plus you will learn about the Maclaurin’s Series and the methods to solve Math questions such as the solution of differential equations in real life applications.


The Statistics portion will be largely the same as your counterparts, except the solo topic of Permutations & Combinations. The hard copy of the GCE A-Level syllabus will be provided to students for free in the tutorial class.     Go to: Mathematics Tuition SG

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