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There are many individual A-Level Maths tutors in Singapore. There are also numerous tuition agencies in town, conducting Maths home tuition. How do you choose a good JC H3 Maths tuition teacher in Singapore?

In order to secure at least a local undergraduate university scholarship, your H3 Maths MUST score a distinction!


a.Educational background:

At least an 2nd class Honours graduate, preferably with Masters degree.

Either he is a Maths graduate from the Science or Arts and Social Science faculty, or that he is an engineering graduate.

b.Experience with A-level Maths: The tutor must have gone through A-levels himself or herself, preferably took both C Maths and F Maths previously.

c.Teaching experience: The tutor for Maths must have taught in local JCs before. Preferably, she must have at least 3 years of school lecturing and tutoring experience. In addition, the tutor must know the difference between Higher 1 (H1) Mathematics,  Higher 2 (H2) Math and of course H3 Maths.

d.Experience with producing exceptional results: Besides the Maths tutoring experience, the private home Mathematics tuition teacher must have experience producing enough distinctions! We do not allow leaving success A-Level Mathematics to chance.

The probability of getting an ‘A’ by chance is too low. Moreover, this is arguably the easier subject to obtain a distinction. If you cannot get a distinction in Maths, then how do you expect your Biology, Chemistry or Physics to get As? And no way is it easier to secure your distinction in Geography, History or General Paper.

In fact, can you afford NOT to get a distinction for your JC H3 Maths?


Maths Tuition Singapore – Our A- Level H3 Maths Tutors Profiles

Mrs Ong

Mrs Ong is our centre’s Chief Math tutor and Curriculum Director.

A Masters degree holder in Applied Mathematics from NUS, her interest and forte is in financial mathematics.

Her postgraduate thesis dissertation is on the “Estimation of the Mean of the Maximum Likelihood Estimator (MLE) in a First Order Autoregressive (AR1) Model”.

In simple terms, she has constructed an improved way of calculation the average values needed in statistics and sampling.

Previously, as in all estimation, in order to arrive at certain values, given certain parameters, we normally refer to a table, such as the normal distribution tables, for a particular mean and standard deviation pair of values.

Mrs Ong’s contribution to the mathematics and statistics and financial economics community is to let researchers use a formula instead of referring to cumbersome tables.

In order to derive this useful, theoretical formula, as a superior replacement of a series of table of data set, she has to extensively perform mathematical manipulations invoking differentiation, partial differentiation, double integrals and multiple integration to form the initial formula for the estimation of the mean.

Furthermore, she has to use linear algebra, ie matrices, plus differential equations, to improve the formula.

All in all, this rigorous thesis exercise suggests that she is more than qualified to connect H2 Maths tuition to JC students.

Besides, she has taught local JC, and produced on average, 80% ‘A’s and the rest ‘B’s.

She is also mentor to other notable full time private Maths tutors such as Miss Koh Bee Ling, Lynn Tan and Mavis Heng and Andrew Loi.

Mrs Ong is our centre’s Chief Associate H3 Maths tuition specialist, and currently, she is writing a JC Maths book for A-Level students, with Mr Tan and Mr Lim.


Mr Tony Lim

Mr Lim is our full time A-Level Maths tuition teacher with the Centre since 2010. After completing his Bachelor and Honours programme in Economics and Statistics, he graduated with the Master of Social Science (Economics) degree from the National University of Singapore (NUS). We are also proud to announce that Mr Lim is the award recipient for the SINCPEC Book Prize (Masters Programme).

Mr Lim has extensive teaching experience at both the A-Levels and University level, having worked previously as a Teaching Assistant at NUS, the Lee Kwan Yew School of Public Policy (LKYSPP) as well as being a Private Tutor for A-Level H2 Maths, H1 Mathematics and Economics. He has now focused more on being a full time private home H3 Maths tutor, with book writing assignments.

During his stint as a Teaching Assistant with NUS, Mr Lim conducted undergraduate mathematical modules, including Pure and Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Econometric, Macro-Economics etc. He is well trained in both theoretical and applied statistical techniques, having accumulated experience and exposure via his involvement in research projects at NUS on areas of mathematical model development, statistical data analysis and regressional forecasts.

Mr Lim’s research interests cover the areas of Econometric, transport and financial Economics. His publications include

1) “Exchange Rate, Non Tradable Goods and the Terms of Trade”,

2)“Predicting Exchange Rates: Structural Models or Random Walk”,

3) “Airport Efficiency: Developing Environmentally-Sensitive Productivity Measures” etc.

These publications indicates his dexterity in both Mathematics and Statistics.


Mr Tan

Mr Tan is an existing lecturer at one of the local junior colleges (JCs). (you will find out which JC he is from in class). He conducts both H1 Maths tuition and H2 maths tuition at our A-Level Maths learning centre.

A degree holder with Second Class Upper Honours in Mathematics from the Science facility, NUS, he is a total mathematics lover.

His interest is in Calculus, Vectors and Mathematical Economics, with applications to the financial markets, such as Random Walk Pricing, Stochastic Processes and Brownian Motion as well as Black Scholes Model of determination of price of shares in the stock Market.

His Honours thesis is in time series Econometrics applied to financial engineering. In this empirical dissertation, he used the Generalized Auto regressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity (GARCH) MODEL to explain and to predict and estimate the volatility of the returns of stocks in selected Asian financial markets

Again, he has deep knowledge of mathematics as the dissertation requires moving averages, auto-regression, root of unity, vectors and matrices concepts such as eigenvalues, idempotent matrices, and partial differentiation and multiple integration.

Apart from his normal school work, Mr Tan loves to explore naturally occurring number such as Pi, (natural logarithmic), i.e. ln function, prime numbers, square numbers, perfect numbers, etc.

To date, the proportion of students under him who secured distinctions in H3 Maths is estimated at 85%.

A-Level H3 Maths Is Being Made Easy! 

Mr Tan is a very dedicated, fun and charming Maths tutor. I have never thought that differentiation and integration techniques of calculus is really applicable in life, until he showed us the various real-life applications, the analogies used in teaching certain concepts, etc.

Not only is it mind-blowing, it’s also making the learning of JC Mathematics very much easier!. Only if my previous private Math tuition teacher was like him.

Similarly, Mr Tan used some unusual situations in the learning of Statistics and Probability. For eg, the casino example!. In short, going through that exercise suggest that I should never gamble in my life.

Gambling is so obvious a sure lose outcome, perhaps Mr Tan should conduct a seminar on “How NOT to go to the casino to lose all you have got.”

The magic worked for me, and I was able to get straight ‘A’ for ALL MY 4 H2 subjects. (H2 Maths, Physics, Econs, Chemistry)

Thanks for your guidance for the past one year.

Andrew, National Junior College (NJC), A-Level, H3 Math


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