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Our Edge

We are the ONLY tuition agency in Singapore to fully equip each and every one of our home tutors with complete teaching materials as well as teaching methodologies that will work wonders for you or your child!

A-level students looking for the most trusted tuition agency Singapore has to offer will not be disappointed with Ace Specialist Hub. We are not only well-versed with the A-level syllabus but also fully understand students’ needs to facilitate their academic progress.

About Us

In fact, more than just a tuition agency, we incorporate an engaging and innovative teaching approach to enhance your understanding and passion for the subjects.

We understand that the competitive education system in Singapore places extreme stress on students to do well. Hence, we guarantee that the road to success will be easier and more rewarding with our tuition agency. At Ace Specialist Hub, students will feel nothing short of satisfied with their exceptional A-level results.

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