Private Humanities Tuition

Here, we have private tuition lessons according to the following:

JC Humanities tuition: Every JC student has the option to take up any of the Humanities subjects, at either H1 or H2 level.


Secondary Humanities tuition: In Lower Sec, humanities, namely Geography, History and English Literature are compulsory. while in Upper Sec student may choose only ONE such subject, for qualification of entry into local junior colleges (JC).


JC Commerce tuition: As of writing, only pupils from Millennia Institute or MI Commerce stream subjects take these subjects. Main subjects are A-Level Management of Business Studies (MOBS) and JC Principles of Accounting (POA)


Secondary Commerce tuition:


More details below:

JC Humanities


Secondary School Humanities:


JC Commerce


Secondary School Commerce


Miscellaneous Subjects:


Economics (JC Economics tuition classes)   |   Private JC Econs tutor

China Studies in English (CSE)




Theatre Studies


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