Private A-Level Principles Of Accounting Tuition

Does A-Level Accounting help in one’s pursuit of further courses such as ACCA, CPA & CFA? Yes, it definitely does!

It gives you a basic foundation of what’s would be learnt in higher level of Accounting courses. You would start off at a level where your fellow classmates hope they had. By the time, your classmates learn about balance sheet or profit and loss, you are already many steps ahead of time. When they are struggling with the accounting ratios and analysis, you have already covered those in A-level. Sounds cool, makes you want to master POA now? 

Parents of student or students looking for GCE A-level Principles of Accounting Tuition in Singapore? Having trouble with understanding Accounting Conventions, The Double Entry System or Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis and Decision-making, etc? Looking for tutor who could empower you with a easier way to master all you need to score for the coming GCE A-level Accounting exam?

Are you having trouble with applying the double entry rules to record business transactions in the double entry bookkeeping system or explaining the process of extracting a trial balance?

Or When ask to discuss the inherent limitations of ratios as information for shareholders and other users of accounting reports, you do not know what to do?

There is a large emphasis on the latter three skills – Application, Analysis and Evaluate with a large weightage of 70% and 80% in your paper 1 and 2 respectively. And paper 1 and paper 2 have the same weightage in the proportion of the total score of both papers with one a 2hr 30min and the other 3hr. Faced with time constraints, the area of skills required, it is not a rare sight to know students after long hours of lectures and tutorials still unable to score a A or B grade in A-level Principles of Accounting.

Not to mention the long list of topics you need to learn, understand, apply, analyse and evaluation:

  1. The Theoretical Framework
  2. The Accounting System
  3. Accounting Books and Adjustments
  4. Accounting for Organisations
  5. Financial Reporting and Interpretation
  6. Elements of Managerial Accounting

What you need to do to raise the POA results from an average to a distinction?

Wondering what to do? What you need is an experienced tuition teacher or tutor who is well-versed with the A-level Principles of Accounting tutoring, an excellent record of helping students to score for A or B grade from a U grade. From not understanding content to not just able to apply, analyse and evaluate the content but loving the subject and highly motivated for Accounting.

Remember it is not how hard you study or how long you spent studying the subject but is whether you are able to learn the content at half the time you spent in school and the ability to display the skills of application, analysis and evaluation in your exam. How would you like to balance your balance sheet at least 95% of the time, how would you like to be able to use the accounting ratios to evaluate a company’s financial statement in a simple and step by step approach.

We are glad to be endowed with a group of previous JC lecturers or full-time tutors with both Degree in Accountancy and experienced in A-level Principle of Accounting Tuition. Tutors well-versed with the current accounting syllabus and examination question. Equipped with skills to teach and impart not just knowledge, exam techniques but inspire you to appreciate principles of accounting A-level.

You can reach our education consultants (via the contact form) and at your convenient time we would call you.

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