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The Secret Of Getting JC Biology Tutors To Like Your Written Answers

How can our Biology A-level private tutor help you to secure a distinction in your examination? We know that mostly the JC (junior College) student or even parents are looking for qualified tutors. Where they can help your child or yourself in any upcoming exam given? We understand that the student having understanding problem on the content as well as the concept of explaining of the biology terms where the notes which have been given to them. Some even having doubt topics on describing the SCID (severe combined immunodeficiency) treatment, explaining the importance of selection of variation and as well as describing and explain the transmission of a potential action along a myelinated neurone. As hence as therefore if you may want to find out about the A-Level (advanced level) Biology revision course here. As a JC students or parents you would like to know about‘s tutors qualification background. In our center, we have a team of Individual qualified biology tutor with the following criteria:

  • NIE (National Institute of Education) trained
  • NUS (National University of Singapore) graduate with Bachelor of Science and major in Biology
  • with at least 3 year teaching experience
  • Ex-JC Biology School Teacher

Click here to read about the JC Biology tutor’s testimonial about what our students have written for the Bio personal tutors. Below are how the biology tutorial tutors be focusing in Human Biology lesson

  • details on approach of exam skills techniques
  • explain the details of applying skill on how to perform using chi square test on data
  • Giving the student tips on prediction of any upcoming exam

Mainly our group of personal  biology tutors will be emphasising more on the exam techniques skills as well as on evaluation skills knowledge. They are even willing to go extra miles to help those students who are weaker. Hence there is request by the student, they will even willing to go through topical topics which they are weak at again You may want to know more information about what our Biology tuition is about here. Or even you would like to contact us.   Related Science Tuition: Physics Revision Tuition Chemistry Tuition For A-Level A-Level Maths Tuition Click back to JC Sciences Tuition