Private JC Chemistry Tutors

Have you wondered how to search, find and choose a good A-Level private Chemistry tutor in Singapore?

Are you afraid of wasting your money, effort and most of all time, when deciding on a tutor?

Here a few pointers for your consideration.


A) The A-Level Tuition Agency Management Policy

1) “No Handcuff Policy”. What we mean is that the tuition agency that you choose does not try to tie you down by requiring you to pay ahead 3 month’s, i.e. a term’s worth of fees. By doing so, you are contracted with them for a fixed period of time, and when the tutor turns out to be so-so, you have little chance of switching to other agencys, without incurring a sizeable loss.

That’s why we do not collect a term’s worth of fees prior to the first lesson.


2) Lowering the risk of parents and students. By this, we mean that the agency makes it for students to try the lesson out. We have raised the standards by being the only A-Level tuition agency referrer in Singapore to a trial lesson (provided the JC Chem tutors agree to the proposal), so that you totally have the window period to confirm that our tutors indeed can show you how the distinction is obtained!


B) The Quality of the Tuition Teachers

3) Educational background of tutor. We are talking specifically about A-Level Chemistry tuition here, the subject of which had become a pre-requisite for many courses in the local universities. Instead of a tutor with general Science experience, we insist on a teacher who is a chemistry student or an engineering graduate from the National University of Singapore (NUS).


4) Teaching qualification of tutor. Unlike other tuition agencys in Singapore, we again insist that our Chemistry tutors be fully trained at the National Institute of Education (NIE) in S’pore. In addition, we provide in-house training programs and also the complete Chemistry tutoring materials.


5) Teaching experience of the tuition teacher. The tutor has to have at least 3 years of teaching experience in a local junior college (JC), Millennia Institute (MI) or has taught in the Integrated Programme (IP) in local secondary schools that offer Science subjects. All must know the difference between the H1 Chemistry Tuition & H2 Chemistry Tuition Programs.

So do all our tutors for Chemistry.


6) Ability to impart the exam skills of Application, Analysis and Evaluation. While the first 3 criteria listed above are relatively easy to meet, here’s where parents and students realise that not all A-Level Chemistry tutors are created equal.

Chem pupils now know that even if they can memorise 100% of the content topics, they still cannot guarantee themselves a distinction, until they learn how to apply those learned content, and what the questions are asking for. That’s where our tutors really shine.
At, we work with tutors who know the A-level syllabus inside out. Here are some of their profiles:


A-Level Chemistry Tutors at

Mr Ang, Curriculum Director, A-Level Chemistry
Mr Ang is our tuition agency’s chief Chemistry Tutor. Being our associate curriculum director for Chemistry, Mr Ang takes full charge of developing the H1 Chem and H2 Chem tuition programme.

Since graduating from the NUS in Mechanical Engineering, (2nd Class Upper Honours), Mr Ang taught in local Junior College (JC) for more than 10 years and had helped many Chem students to achieve their desired results. After he left school, he went on to become a full time private Chem tutor, teaching Chemistry at ‘A’ Levels.

Before Mr Ang joined us as a contributing staff last year, he was sought by several private JC Chemistry tuition centres to conduct lessons to J2 Chem students.

In all, Mr Ang had the rare opportunity to work with pupils from various schools, such as the “”Top 5″” JCs in Singapore, the students from Nanyang Junior Collge (NYJC), Innova JC, and well as the relatively weak students from other JCs. Hence, he developed a unique style of teaching that can effectively cater to students with different learning abilities.

Our Chemistry pupils know Mr Ang as a capable and competent tutor. Plus, his patience and passion that see him spend countless hours outside the normal class time, made students find it impossible not to learn and improve greatly under him.

While he effortlessly links his Chemistry tutorials to real life examples and situations to generate and stimulate interest in his students and help them understand their work with greater ease, his greatest value-add is the impart of exam techniques.

In a short time period, students easily raise thier scores from ”U” or ”S” to grades B and better.

In brief, Mr Ang has for the past 10 years, helped so many students who were barely passing their subjects to secure their distinctions. His cohort of students averaged 84% for A and the rest B.


Mrs Lee
Mrs Lee is an existing H1 & H2 Chemistry teacher in a local JC (our apologies, but she requested to be kept anonymous. she will tell you personally which JC is she in currently when you see her in our free trial lessons).

Graduated from NUS with an Honours (2nd Upper Class) Degree in Chemistry, as well as on the NUS Dean’s List for 3 consecutive years, Mrs Lee She has more than 12 years of teaching, tutoring and conducting Chemistry lectures in schools, plus several more years in individual home tuition.

With years of experience and a wealth of chemistry knowledge, she knows how the distinction is obtained. In fact, when a focus group was created in 2006 to design the H1 Chemistry syllabus, scope and assessment objectives, Mrs Lee was one of the key persons in that group! Hence, she has “”unfair advantage”” in securing distinction for JC Chem students.

While Mrs Lee conducts her lessons in details that cover content knowledge, she also provides topical summaries. And through the use of practice questions. she will skillfully highlight the key steps in how solution are obtained (while many other agencys focus on churning out the answers). As she stresses upon the important concepts, her forte is also to be able to pre-empt students’ common mistakes, so that you can avoid them.

Finally, she will also reveal, given her pioneer experience in setting the H1 Chem paper, how tutors set and mark exam questions. so that you are much more prepared to get that distinction for your Chemistry!


Miss Koh
Miss Koh is our O-Level Chem tuition teacher. A natural at teaching and guiding teenagers, she is awarded with a teaching scholarship by the Ministry of Education (MOE). We hope that she can re-join our team when she turns fully qualified after NIE training.

Besides the team of tutors mentioned above, we have a team of almost 60 Chemistry tuition teachers in our network, either on contract, or part-time basis.

With the partnership of Mr Ang and Mrs Lee who together design the revision programme, we are confident that you will find JC Chemistry a breeze when you attend our Chem home lessons.

Update: She has left our tuition agency since September last year, to further her studies


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