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3 Overlooked Aspects About GCE A-Level Commerce Tuition Services in Singapore

  1. For Accounting and Business Studies, there are not many good tuition services that provide such lessons.
  2. Tutor who teaches these subjects are normally not full-time tutor and is not familiar with the SEAB syllabus
  3. There is in fact a lack of tuition materials and examination techniques designed to cater to the needs of these student due to low demand

To Parents of students or students of Millennia Institute (MI) or private candidates who are studying in Commerce Subjects Stream taking 9732 Economics H2, 9755 Principle of Accounting and 9756 Management of Business. Are you are looking for tuition, courses or programmes that could help you pass with distinction whether in your JC1 promos or the General Certificate of Education (GCE) A-levels Singapore?

Or are you a student studying Economics H2, 8819 H1 Econs looking for enrichment programs or tuition, courses and revision to help raise your grades?


A-Level Economics

Do you find Econ is a subject that is so foreign that you do not know how to go about understand its microeconomic concepts for example How to explain the price mechanism? or what is the condition for allocative efficiency? Or macroeconomic concepts such as how to explain the multiplier process and what factors affect the size of it or how to determine whether a country is dumping?


Maybe you understand the concepts but how to apply, analysis and evaluate is your concern, namely you felt you lack exam skills. Are you eagerly looking for a tutor or tuition teacher to aid you in this?

First, let me tell that it is not impossible to ace your exam or turn a U grade to a A or B grade.

Yes, you are hearing it right, Econ is manageable with the help of our professional tutors. You must be thinking that really? I have been a whole time scoring a U how is it possible?

Second, content could easily be grasped and remembered with a fun and enjoyable way with using real examples from case studies in Singapore, UK, US and China.

Third, question answering skills could be learn and apply in three simple steps, sound simple and good.

Find out more about JC Economics tuition here!


Other A-Level Commerce Subjects

Principle of Accounting (POA) and Management of Business (Business Studies)

Do you find JC Principle of Accounting and Management of Business so different from what you are expecting?

An Accounting student: Under Topic The Accounting Equation and the Balance Sheet, finding hard to balance your balance sheet? Or Under Topic Financial Reporting and Interpretation, finding hard to explain how the ratios is applicable in appraising performance, financial stability, gearing/leverage and investment potential or comment on the limitation of budgets.


A Management of Business pupil: Under Topic People In Organisations, evaluating how different methods of communication are appropriate in different circumstances and for different target audience? Under Topic Information For Decision Making, applying time series in marketing section in a given context or investment appraisal in Business Finance section.

Do you want your time needed for all your commerce subjects revision to greatly reduced and still be able to score distinction in A-level in sg? We have programmes and courses line up for you to help you in what you are capable of achieving, so what are you waiting for?

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So whether you are taking which GCE A-level Commerce subjects in Singapore, we have qualified tutors who could aid you to a success. 

You could contact us now where our friendly education consultants would speak to you and attend to your needs (via our contact form)


Happy Revision Economics and Commerce Students

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