Private JC English Literature Tutors

Who Else Wants a Distinction for Their Eng Lit Papers?


Unsure of where to receive help for your A-Levels Literature in English Tuition?

Tired of a large sized group tuition class, or are you receiving little or no attention from your private tutors?

How about a personal tutor who can create miracles for you; giving you all the 1-1 attention you need?

Sounds good?

Our Literature English Tutors are majors from Local & Overseas Prestigious Universities, qualified to help you achieve that A or B grade that you deserve.

Most of them are Majors in BA (Hons) EL Literature, BA(Eng).

Some of them even went onto take up Masters in Education. Others are MOE-N.I.E trained, these educators are specialists in the field they teach, rigorously selected for Quality Assurance.

Some tutors in the market do not teach all the set texts that you study. However, for our tutors; we can tailor to suit your needs so that you can save time and cost on hiring separated tutors for Lit.


Five Advantages of having a Single Tutor that teaches you all 2 or 5 Set texts for Eng Lit:

(For H2/H1 students):

-You will not need to fear being confused over which writing style to adopt in your essays; this is especially so since tutors have various approaches to tackling a Language Arts Paper.

-You do not need to adhere to separate tutors’ teaching methodologies for the texts that you will be studying for the national exams.

– Save time & money on hiring and searching for 2 tutors

– Correct on your mistakes more effectively, with 2 different tutors they cannot keep track of your progress as consistently for your written works as each of them are in-charge of differing set texts.

– Receive all the undivided attention from a Tutor whom can follow up with you from Junior Colleges (J1 to J2) or IP (Year 1-6). Without worries you can be rest assured that neither one of your tutors will be able to teach you for whatever reasons suddenly when you need them the most; nearing the national exams.

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