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How Many Of You Have Never Met A Competent, Skillful And Engaging A-Level Geography Tutor?

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Are you searching for strong “A” Levels Geography tutors that can help you or your child to obtain the results you desire?

Or are you tired of getting mediocre JC Geog tuition teachers who do not add value to your revision, and you still find yourself with ‘S’ or ‘U’ grades?

How about giving yourself a break from the endless search?

Look no further.

In our network of “A” Levels Geography Tutors, we have the unique fortune to have not one, but TWO Geography teachers who are specialists in the  JC subject of this humanities subject, especially H2 A-Level Geography.

Background: Our Geog. educators are Geography majors from the Faculties of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS), with a handful of them as Masters degree holders of the Subject, from National University of Singapore. (N.U.S.)

Experience: Often,upon completing their Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) at National Institute of Education (N.I.E.), the Geography tuition teachers are sent to local junior colleges (JCs) and even Millennia Institute (MI – the only remaining Centralised Institute in S’pore), to commence on their teaching.

Due to the teaching bond offered by the Ministry of Education (MOE), all our Geog teachers for A-Levels have at least 3 years of teaching experience in Singapore schools, with some continuing to gain further experience as they switch to secondary schools.

Expertise: On top of years of experience under their belt; our Geography instructors would have developed the knack to be able to carve out a distinction grade for all our JC Geography pupils.

For example, for the topic of Physical Geography, it is imperative that that all H1 Geography and H2 Geography students are thoroughly well versed with the sub-topic of earthquakes, volcanoes, etc (Lithological Processes, Hazards and Management).

Besides the volcanic hazards, you must appreciate the:

1. Tectonic and mass movements of the crustal plates,

2. the formation of granite, limestone and its land-forms, not to forget

3. the management of the corresponding environmental dangers.

In addition, to really secure your distinction grade for this subject, our A-Level Geography tutors will stress upon this topic: Hydrological Processes, Hazards and Management.

There will be 3 nuances of the water cycle and its related process that will be tested every single year, and you must prepare for it! In particular, the section of water catchment management is a must-prepare topic. Period.

Hence, with their experiences of the exam formats and assessment scope, we are confident that they can assist your child for success in the National Examinations. In fact, we expect them to make annual exam questions’ predictions, so that your distinction is assured!!


A-Level Geography Tutors – our JC Geography Teaching Advantage

Furthermore, our Geog. lecturers are familiar with the changing M.O.E syllabus and with a passion for coaching some of them even completed their Masters in Education (M.Ed.) thus this enables them to adopt unique teaching pedagogic formulated for achieving distinctions at the shortest time possible.

What’s unique is this: a few of them actually voluntarily go on trip and even fieldwork on their own initiative. For instance, to understand the impact of globalisation and the role the state and supranational bodies, Mr K. Lim, one of the Geog tutors, actually made a trip to  Suzhou Industrial Park and to Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, so as to fully appreciate Singapore’s industrialization process and she embraces globalisation.

With this we are proud of our team of A-Level Geography tutors. So, if you seriously prefer teachers who specializes in giving help catering to H1 and H2 Geography students respectively with separate packages ensuring success in your JC Geog Examination. then contact us for a trans formative learning experience.


Contact us now, and we will source your preferred tuition teacher for A-Level Geog.


Meanwhile , Happy Revision!

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