Private JC History Tutors

Want to score A/A* for your A Levels History Papers but not learning from the best teachers or private tutors?

At,  we have some of the strongest tutors from local schools, who graduate from local and overseas universities holding degrees and Honors or Masters certificates, qualified to teach for the optimal results.


Here Are Our Tutor’s Qualifications:

-Ex-MOE Secondary Schools, Junior College or Centralised Institute full-time N.I.E teachers.

-Our tutors possesses at least 2-3 years of experience in teaching History for O-Level/A-Level/I.B./I.P. students.

-Tutors are Graduates, all selected rigorously for Quality Assurance. Mostly, from Local Universities. (N.U.S/N.T.U/Overseas Ivy-Leagues)

-Some tutors do have Postgraduate Diploma in Education (P.G.D.E) from National Institute of Education (N.I.E), S.G. Certified to teach Sec students.

-Other tutors attained Masters Degree in Arts and Humanities.

(In F.A.S.S of Nat. Uni of Singapore or Nanyang Technological Uni.)

Professional Accolades of these Established Organizations:  


Member of Ministry of Education (MOE)

Education Research Institute, Singapore.


Singapore Heritage Soc.

-(Alumnus of N.U.S, N.T.U)

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These are the top few benefits of having JC History Tuition with our Tutors:

  1. Be inspired to read up more than what the schools recommend with speed reading techniques for History that can also be applied for other humanities subjects.
  1. Learn application skills for Source Base Question Section and score a confirmed ‘A’ for 50% of your International World History or SEA  (South-east Asia) Papers.
  1. Apply memory skills to retrieve historical facts or information with a breeze in exams without having to try too hard recalling under time constraints.

Our History Tutors are qualified past MOE trained teachers with their focus on A-level History or full-time  tutors who are well-versed with the assessment requirements. They have helped many students to reach their potential and gotten their deserved A or B grade.

So  take action now and contact us.

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