Private A-Level Management Of Business Studies Tuition

Who else wants to learn on how to structure a business that is profitable & successful yet still ace your A-Level Business exams?

In order to structure a business, you need to know the basic elements of running a business, this could be learnt at the early stage of your life when you embark on a journey of learning A-level Management of Business – learning the different of business communication or how to evaluate the performance of a business. Remember study through the objective is to get good results but that is not the only end.

Parents of student or students looking for GCE A-level Management of Business Tuition in Singapore? Being weighted down by the business topics learnt in school? Having difficulty in answering the examination questions like discuss the appropriateness of different leadership styles in different circumstances or how appropriate is the basis of market segmentation in different circumstances?

We understand that pupils are struggling with at least 2 other H2 subjects on top of this subject and there is many other extra activities they need attend. Business Studies is ahighly cross discipline subject with emphasis on economics such as economies of scale: how to explain internal economies of scale and diseconomies of scale to a context given, how to discuss about small business’ success and macroeconomic policies affecting business’ performance and their decision ,and principles of accounting such as cash flow statements, knowing how to apply the different accounting ratios to evaluate business performance.

Not to mention this subject contain a wide spread of topics the student must understand such as Business and The Environment, People In Organisations, Marketing, Production, Business Finance and Information For Decision Making.

Furthermore, GCE A-level Management of Business examination is not testing on knowledge only but application, analysis and application with 75% exam emphasis on the latter three skills. Students need to attempt two papers for their exam each lasting 3hr. With paper 1 testing 5 to 7 structured questions and a case study.

With paper 2 testing 4 to 6 questions on a group of data testing data response and 3 out of 6 essay questions. Students are easily overwhelmed that the load of work need to put in get a pass. Amount of effort put in does not equal to the result they are getting.

How to not give up studying Business Studies? What are the paths to success?

Many gave up during the first year because of the lack of A-level Management of Business tuition or they had tutors but still fared badly because the lack of exam techniques imparted. How would you like to change all these and start been able to answer questions like how do the legal restrictions on products and activities or control by the State influence the business decisions or how appropriate are these motivation theories and methods in different circumstances in using a simple method of structuring your essay or start been able to answer case study questions and data response with step by step approach that you could acquire to apply to your exam techniques.

Joining our A-level Management of Business tuition, our tutors are equipped with well designed materials, exam technique skills developed from understand the assessment requirements for business studies from the SEAB to aid any students in pursue of a A or B grade for their GCE A-level exam in Singapore. Rest assured, each tuition teacher is been vetted for their performance, owned a degree related to business or having been lecturing on the subject for many years.

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Happy Revision!