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Dear A-Level student,

Do you have difficulties understanding JC Math or scoring this subject?

Do you have problems applying the various concepts of Trigonometry, Binomial Theorem, Vectors in 3-dimensions (3D), Maclaurin’s Series into questions set in the Pure Mathematics section?

Are you dreadful of Calculus, the numerous rules of Differentiation such as product rule, quotient rule and the implicit rule?

Or is the unlimited range on Integration techniques, including Trigonometry, (natural ) Logarithmic functions and double integral formula that is the challenge for you?



Very Good A-Level Maths Tutor!

Mrs Ong is very good at teaching Maths concepts, and principles. Probably, she’s one of the best in Singapore now!
Not only she very encouraging and responsible, she can be really inspiring too.

One thing I needed time tog et used to is her high standards and demand. Her teachings has led me to learn my H2 Maths with more energy and enthusiasm.

I moved from being easily confused to concept mastery, and found application getting by the minute under Mrs Ong.

Even before the Prelim exams ended, I already knew how to distinction is obtained.

Thanks for the past guidance, Mrs Ong!

Ng Hark Hwee
H2 Mathematics, A-Level, Serangoon Junior College (SRJC)


Math Tuition Singapore – Increasing Difficulty in H1 Maths & H2 Maths

A-Level Maths is increasingly difficult for more and more students. This is because of several reasons:


a) Cut in O-Levels Maths Syllabus.

First, although we are known as a nation that excel in Maths and Science, we are slowly losing that accolade. The students from China are coming up tops in recent rankings, and rightly so.

As our Asian friends are raising the Maths standards in national exams, our secondary school mathematics are cutting down the number of topics. It’s occurring in Elementary Maths (E Maths) as well as Additional Maths (A Maths).

Why the cut? Well, it’s because they are cutting topics in the Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) too. So, in order to accommodate the cut, the jump from primary school level to secondary school cannot be too big.

So in the end, the jump from Secondary to JC level turns out to be bigger than necessary, as no adjustments was made. If there are any adjustments, then pupils cannot cope in their undergraduates studies …..


b) Not All Are Allowed To Take Up Further Maths

Update: As of writing, Further Maths (aka ‘F’ Maths has been re-introduced to the Cambridge-SEAB syllabus for A-Levels. However, only handful of JC pupils are allowed to take up this subject.

It is a pity, because in our experience, any student who takes up F Maths is almost guaranteed a distinction for H2 Maths (aka ‘C’ Maths)!!

Previously: Second, you might know that another subject Further Mathematics (F Maths) was offered previously at A-Levels. It has since the inception of H1 Maths and H2 Maths in the year 2007, been dropped. So with no further need to explore Maths in details, the removal of F Math means now students have one optional less to conquer C Maths.

[We can tell you from personal experience that if you offer both College Maths (C Maths or H2 Maths) and Further Maths (F Maths) at A-Level, your C Maths is a GUARANTEED distinction. How’s that for 100% probability?]


c) Compulsory need to offer a third H1 subject.

Third, current generation of JC students take more subjects than their predecessors. Students used to be able to qualify for Uni , based on 3 A-Levels ( i.e. the equivalent of the H2 subjects), and the 2 languages. Now, on top of the 2 languages, they have to take an additional H1 subject.

This is termed the Contrasting Subject System. Currently, the Ministry of Education (MOE) of Singapore specifies that, if you are a Science student, you must have a contrasting subject at H1 Level, such as Geography, History, Literature. Most students opt for Economics.

On the other hand, if you are an Arts student, you must have a contrasting subject at H1 Level, such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics. Most students opt for Chemistry.


d) Compulsory to offer Project Work

Fourth, while the number of topics remain the largely the same for JC Maths, the curriculum time has been cut. Op top of the 3 H2 subject combination, and the 3 H1 subject combi of general paper (GP), Chinese and the contrasting subject, students must now ALSO offer Project Work (PW) in JC1.

PW easily takes up another 2-3 hours per week of official school time plus hundreds of hours in JC1 in preparing the various test requirements. As it is an on-going test process paper, preparation of each of the exam components such as Evaluation of Materials (EoM), Insight and Reflections (I&R), Written Report (WR) demand over 100 hours in the entire JC1 duration. This mean students’ practice time for Maths has been robbed. Again.


e) More curriculum time for Sciences.

Fifth, other JC subjects gain in importance. For example, Chemistry is now the main subject that serves as pre-requisite for University admission. Hence, all the Sciences, had to go up in the level of difficulty, by filtering the better students from the “average” ones.

One way to do this is to introduce the School-based Science Practical Assessment (SPA). Therefore, more curriculum time goes to the Sciences, whereas the time for Maths got cut. Again.

So in other words, the system requires you to be as good as previous generations of college Maths students. But it does not allow you to have as much time to learn, understand, apply and practice your Maths concepts.

No wonder, A-Level tuition, especially JC Maths tuition, are increasingly in high demand.

(A fellow A-Level tutor ever phrased this: our Singapore students perform better when they are use methods from outside the educational system, rather than those from the system…..)

All in all, if you cannot cope with the less practice time available, the bigger gap between secondary school and junior college and the overall greater demand of A-Level education, you are unlikely to be able to obtain a distinction for your Maths and perhaps, your passport to your University admission. (If one cannot get an ‘A’ for the easiest JC subject in Math, then how about the other subjects?)


Math Tuition S’pore – Fast Track to Your A-Level Mathematics Distinction

Bearing the above in mind, we decided to spare the agony of JC Students. Hence, in our JC Maths tuition lessons, we

1) show you in the shortest time possible how to master the 8 key topics that forms about 60% of your overall marks.

2) show you how to reduce your practice time by half, so that you still have sufficient time for other subjects, and have enough rest and life in your JC years.

3) show you how to pre-empt questions in the Statistics component paper, so that you can guarantee yourself to compete Paper 2 on time, by pre-preparing Normal Distribution, Sampling theory questions, and also the regression topics.

4) put a special focus on Permutations & Combination, the topic that link to Binomial Theorem, Probability theories, Sampling, etc.
When our private home A-Level Maths tutors conducted an initial diagnostic test on new students, a s strange thing we discover is that almost every one tends to lose many lose marks in this particular topic! We show you how NOT to waste away this question(s), easily worth 5-8 marks.

5) put a special on special focus for you, on certain topics that are certain to be tested, and yet student often give up altogether beforehand: De Moivre’s theorem, Conditional Probability, Differential Equations, etc.


So How Do I Get Started?

Well, proceed to the RELEVANT pages under ‘Schools’, ‘Locations’ and the various pages for Maths. Each page lists the tutor(s) who are experienced, competent and able to travel to your location, so that you can receive A-Level Math lesson at the comfort ofyour own home.

For example:
Jane lives in Bukit Timah. She is a H2 Maths student from NJC.
She can go the page for NJC, or the various nearby (MRT) location pages and filter the Maths tutors for JC who have indicated that they are:

1) Thoroughly familiar with NJC’s H2 Maths topical sequence and curriculum, and

2) Willing and able to travel to Bukit Timah area, and

3) Confident in helping NJC pupils to their desired distinction Mathematics grade.

Otherwise, contact us, and we can source for you, your preferred JC Math tuition teacher.

Happy Revision!