JC Physics Tuition Notes

A-Level Physics Notes That Really Makes A Difference In Your Revision

Are you searching for good quality yet concise A-Level JC Physics notes that can aid your revision of this challenging subject?

Are you looking for the relevant and comprehensive Physics “A” Levels that can really make a difference in your understanding and more importantly, in your application of the various Physics concepts and formulae.

If yes, you might be be referring to our very own set of the JC Physics tuition notes.

Be it for H1 Physics (Syllabus Code: 8866) or both H2 Physics (Syllabus Code: 9646), we are certain these revision notes can boost your chances of obtaining your well deserved distinction grade.

A complete set of each of the revision notes for A-Level H1 Physics and that of H2 Physics is available, via our team of Physics teachers.

It spans across large numbers of topics, including

  • Current of Electricity
  • DC Circuit
  • Electromagnetism
  • Function on Waves
  • Electromagnetic Induction
  • Nuclear Physics
  • Photoelectric Effect
  • Semiconductors
  • Electric Field
  • Wave Particle Duality, etc, as well as numerous other topics.


A-Level Physics Notes SG – Sample JC Physics Revision Notes 

The following is a full sample PDF file of the set of the Physics topical notes for A-Levels,  which contain summaries for the student as a complete source of reference in their revision.

  • Current of Electricity (Right click to save and download)

Involving the core concepts of

1. Electric Current
2. Potential Difference
3. Resistance and Resistivity
4. Electromotive Force,

The topic of ‘Electricity’ in JC Physics builds on what was learnt in ‘O’-Levels and further deepens the understanding of the critical component in our physical world.

Once you recall that electric current is the rate of flow of charged particles, you are expected to

A. Perform calculations that involves resistance, potential difference, etc.

B. Define and distinguish the characteristics of electromotive force (E.M.F.) vs potential difference (P.D.)

C. Appreciate, understand and sketch a themistor, among other sub-concepts.

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