Private JC Physics Tutors

Searching for proven and effective A-Level private Physics tutors?

In our network of over 40 Physics tutors for both JC and secondary, most have the following strong backgrounds:

  1. Graduated from the local universities, such as NUS. 
  2. Major in disciplines such as Physics, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, etc
  3. Conduct private home tuition for at least 5 years.
  4. Designs and issues complete set of revision materials for JC Physics, both H1 Physics and H2 Physics.
  5. Competent to design a complete Scheme of Work (SOW), lesson plans, develop complete set of JC Physics notes, etc


Selected Private JC Physics Tutors’ Profiles:

Mr Qwek

I have been teaching A Level Physics since 1999. I started out at Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) and spent a decade there. I helped to set up the Faculty Programme at HCI and saw first hand how much the students benefitted and enjoyed the experience.

I left HCI only because I felt compelled to help River Valley High School (RVHS) set up their Physics curriculum when they launched their 6 year Integrated Programme. Not only did I bring with me my passion for Physics, I also brought along my experience and familiarity with the objectives set out by Cambridge. Such a familiarity has put me in great stead to help students do well in Physics.

The secret to succeeding in Physics often lies within the teacher. A great teacher would be interesting. A great teacher would reveal how applicable Physics was to our daily lives. A great teacher would make Physics come alive in the classroom, particularly so for private JC Physics tuition lessons.

Like everywhere else I have been to, my aim here is to create a programme at Ace Specialist Hub that is clear, simple and engaging.

I am a Physics geek. I have fun with Physics; that helps me come up with fun ways to teach it. I believe when people have fun learning, they learn better and that is how I intend to teach Physics.”

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Mr Kuek NY

An existing junior college (JC) lecturer, it is indeed our great fortune to be able to work with Mr Kuek.

He was a Physics Olympiad participant and winner while he was in school. With an Honours degree in Physics from NUS, he joined the teaching profession, and completed his teacher training at NIE.

Now, he is said to be one of the fastest teachers to be promoted to a subject coordinator in his school, as he is only in his 4th year of service.

Specialising in H2 Physics tuition, Mr Kuek comes across as a Physics teacher who is able to illustrate any seemingly abstract Physics concept, with easily understood analogies.

His forte of using examples and analogies make even the weakest Physics students, able to grasp the most difficult concepts, inn the shortest time possible.

Always willing to try new teaching ideas, Mr Kuek adds a breath of fresh air into the teaching environment of the teachers and the learning environment of students.



Mr David Chong

Mr Chong is our A-Level tuition specialist Physics teacher.

He graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) in Mechanical Engineering with 2nd Class Upper Honours. After the training at the National Institute of Education (NIE), Mr Chong became the A-Level Physics lecturer at Victoria Junior College (VJC).

He left the school more than 5 years ago, and became a full time tutor to hundreds of JC students, in his 15 years of full time private tutoring.

Not only has he helped many students to achieve their desired grades in individual tuition and group tuition, Mr Chong even volunteered at CDAC and helped many more Junior College students to achieve good results.

Due to his consistent and outstanding good work done in the three A-Level subjects, Mr Chong was invited by Anderson Junior College (AJC) to conduct supplementary classes for students in Physics on Saturdays.

With more than 12 years of teaching experience in A-Level Physics, and Mathematics, Mr Chong’s unique style of teaching caters very well to students, even those with vastly different learning styles, pace and abilities.

Both an observant and patient tutor, he is able to identify where the student’s academic weaknesses are and commits his time in helping them improve, almost customising his lessons whenever possible!

Whether for H1 Physics tuition lessons or H2 tutorials, Mr Chong has taught enough students to know what’s the biggest challenges they face in this increasingly difficult subject.

Always emphasising on thinking out of the box, he goes beyond the textbook by relating his teachings to real life examples and situations because he believes that this will stimulate interest in his students and help them understand their work with greater ease. As such, this indirectly prepares them for the challenges that they would face in the working world in future.

Being a good motivator, Mr Chong has helped many students who were barely passing their subjects to become straight-As students.

If you prefer a Physics tutor in Singapore who goes the extra mile, you will want to know that learning from Mr Chong can continue after classes, if you wish to. He never says no to correspond with his students through SMS and emails whenever the students encounter problems in their Physics assignments. This is especially helpful for students who have last minute questions & clarifications before major examinations.

What’s even more surprising is that he is willing to answer questions when students surf the net and “saw” Mr Chong online. For someone to do tutoring online, and for free, Mr Chong is indeed, all for the love of teaching.

Mr Chong, is truly, a rare gem (some call him a star tutor) in the Singapore education industry.


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