JC Private Science Tuition

Looking for quality yet affordable A-Level JC private Science tuition in Singapore? Or searching for a proven and experienced school teacher, or an engaging and skilled tutor who has the X-factor too?   We also have the opportunity to ask ourselves at AceSpecialistHub.com: what are the main attributes students look for in a competent Science tuition teacher? 1. One who has experience helping students getting their distinctions. 2. One who always update oneself with the current Science syllabus to ensure what they teach is still relevant, as well as the changes in the syllabi in order to understand the change in exam emphasis. 3. Able to categorise exam questions into meaningful question types. 4. One who does not just teach content. A-level examinations need consistent skills of application, analysis and evaluation for that grade “A”. 5. One who does not just teach, but can really ensure learning takes place. Better yet, if he/she is able to inspire and empower JC students to do their best.   We have the unique fortune to have over 70 Science tuition teachers, who are qualified to teach JC Science subjects such as H1 Physics, H2 Biology and even H3 Chemistry! 1. For all levels of experience 2. Suitable for a large range of days and hours of tuition 3. Flexible budget 4. Post-lesson homework help   GCE A-Level Sciences Syllabi Code: H2 Physics (Code: 8866)  H1 Physics (Code: 9646)  H2 Chemistry (Code: 8872)  H1 Chemistry (Code: 9647)  H2 Biology (Code: 8875)  H1 Biology (Code: 9648)

H3 Essentials of Modern Physics (Code: 9811)  H3 Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Code: 9812)  H3 Proteomics (Bio) (Code: 9815)   Give us a call, and our tutors for Sciences will make you breeze through your major exams! Reach us here now.