A-Level Private Tuition

Finding yourself running out of time to understand A-Level subjects and topics?

Or that you have been diligently revising your school work, and yet when it comes to school’s internal JC exams and tests, your grades hover around the range of ‘E’, ‘S’ or ‘U’?

If so, then allow our A-Level private tuition programme help you to boost your content topics, exam answering techniques and superior assessment time management, so as to secure your desired grades in the shortest time possible!


Ace Specialist Hub is the ONLY A-Level private tutoring company in Singapore who fully equips each and every JC home tutor, so that your success in the subjects are well assured.

Are you concerned with the competency and the ability of your hired private tutors to produce the exam results you desire?

Do you have doubts if the private home tuition teacher you have asked for has the teaching experience to lead to you to your academic success?

At AceSpecialistHub.com, we ensure that each and every junior college (JC) private tutor for all mainstream subject is thoroughly trained. In Singapore, usually the private one-to-one teachers comprise the following:

1. Existing JC lecturers and tutorial teachers

2. Previous JC lecturers and tutors

3. Full time professional tuition providers

4. Undergraduates who major in their respective fields of study, such as Physics, Economics, Maths, Chemistry, English, etc.

Of the above 4 groups of subject tutors for home tutoring, the first 3 groups charge relatively expensively while the 4th group ‘s tutor rates are lower. However, in terms of helping A-Level students to secure their distinction grades, they have less of such experience.

Furthermore, while the undergrads themselves have secured their own ‘A’ grades, they may not be able to impart the actionable exam strategies and exam techniques effectively to you or your teenage daughter or son.

This is where AceSpecialistHub.com really shines. For all the above 4 groups of tuition teachers, we actually require that each and every one completes a Train The Tutor Programme


A-Level Private Tuition Singapore – Tutoring Resources & Materials
Besides the tutors’ teaching abilities, we ensure that our lesson materials are the best available in Singapore. For example, our materials and subject programmes created by ex-Hwa Chong Institution (College Section) teachers. In addition, the important exam syllabi and past year papers as well as a databank of the most common questions tested are used frequently.

Not to forget, a proven teaching methodology to ensure every single lesson is effective, engaging and fun!


A-Level Private Tuition Rates
The following is the range of tuition fees that prevail in the local tutoring market.
1. Head of Departments (HODs) – $120 and higher

2. Existing JC lecturers and tutorial teachers -$90 to $130

2. Previous JC lecturers and tutors – $75 to $120

3. Full time professional tuition providers – $65 to $100

4. Undergraduates students – $35 to $60

(Actual fees depend on the tutor’s qualifications, teaching experience, etc. It is on an per hour basis.)

We also believe that our programme and A-Level tutors would be beneficial to all students, regardless of financial backgrounds. Thus, we will not only offer subsidised rates for those from households of which combined income is below $3,000 but also waive registration and material fees.


Why Ace Specialist Hub? – Our Edge
Our work ethics in the tuition industry in Singapore ensures that we are a cut above the rest due to the following reasons:

Assurance and dedicated A-level tutors – Our JC tutors are committed to academic excellence and success. They derive their joy from you obtaining your distinctions!


Specialist, highly knowledgeable curriculum creators and tutors – Many years of experience teaching at elite educational institutions in Singapore like Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) and River Valley High School (RVHS), etc, and providing guidance, offering interesting and engaging lessons


Easier and more effective path to outstanding results – Numerous and little known short cuts and exam killer strategics for quicker success.


Cutting edge teaching beyond textbooks – Connecting topical knowledge to the real world, to boost your require component of Application, highly demanding in practically all “A” Level subjects


Customised tutoring techniques – Due to our extensive experience of private tutoring, ranging from JC pupils from Raffles Institution JC (RIJC), St. Andrew’s Junior College (SAJC), Millennia Institute (MI), etc, we have customized teaching strategies for all existing learning backgrounds and levels, so that learning will take place!


Innovative teaching methods for A-Level subjects to make learning multi-sensorial – Video lectures are in use, to supplement the one-on-one personal tutoring sessions. Inspire students to ask questions, clarify their doubts and develop an interest in the subject, via common social media and mobile messaging platforms.


Up-to-date information and analysis and continuous engagement – Regular updates for students as well as parents regarding academic progress.


An array of H1 and H2 subjects in Singapore are offered – From General Paper (GP) to Economics, JC Maths, Chemistry, Physics, etc


Ready to conquer A-Levels, your toughest academic challenge to date? Get help with our proven A-Level private tuition tutoring staff.

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