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In Singapore, English is the medium for learning, business and communication, and is thus the common and first language to be learnt in school from young.
Unsurprisingly, this compulsory subject is the most popular home private language tuition in demand in Singapore. Given the rigour of the demands of the subject, the Composition writing skills, the Comprehension of passages and articles, the written expressions and prose, and more importantly, the use of sophisticated adjectives as well as the employ of idioms, similes, etc, warrant a very good individual English tutor, so as to do very well in PSLE English and that at O-Levels.
Mother Tongue Languages:
Alongside English are the Mother Tongue languages to which each ethnic race learns his own, as Second Language. Namely, these are the Chinese, Malay and Tamil languages.
Foreign Languages:
On top of these, local pupils have to option to learn foreign languages as a Second or even as a Third Language, including French, German and Japanese in schools.
Note: Some parents and students opt to take up other foreign languages that are not offered by local schools. These include the increasingly popular Korean language, Italian, Spanish, etc.
In junior colleges, the compulsory English subjects upgrades to the General Paper (GP) and even Knowledge & Inquiry (KI) subjects.

JC Private Languages Tuition Singapore

Are you struggling for your JC H1 General Paper (GP) subjects and exams?

Have you ever obtained a grade ‘B’ or better?

Or are you having difficulties with the subject of Knowledge & Inquiry (KI)?

Well, let our A-Level private language Tuition teachers help you!

Our team of associate English teachers from primary english to JC GP, has helped over 450 individual pupils obtained their desired subjects grades for the language.


The following are the relatively popular JC subjects for private tuition:

1. JC General Paper

2. JC Post Prelims Intensive Lesson Package (GP)

3. H2 Knowledge & Inquiry (KI)

Should there be a demand for mother tongue languages (Chinese, Malays, Tamil) , or even the foreign languages (Japanese, German, Spanish etc) at A-Levels, we shall do our best to source a competent tutor for you too.

(Note: Occasionally, we get a last minute request for an ex Supervising Tutor (ST) to coach a group of JC pupils for their Project Work module, especially for Group Project File (GPF). More of such requests welcome.)

Contact us right away.. An experienced yet affordable individual tuition teacher for your language awaits you.


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