Private Maths Tutors

3 Abilities Of Super Tutors For Maths Tuition You Must Know

Are you looking for an experience individual Mathematics tutor which can help you or your child in preparing their final year examination, be it PSLE Maths, O-Level Mathematics (‘E Math or ‘A’ Math) or even H1 and H2 JC Maths?

Are you thinking on how are our individual tutor are qualified for JC Mathematics subject?

We understand that the student having doubt on problem like the concept on understanding of the question like Binomial and normal distribution, Exponential and graphing technique, equation and inequalities and even the formula concept on applying in solving tough question.

So hence, hiring a good individual maths tutor is important as where it can make your revision on the topics easily to tackle as well as memorizing the formula.

As therefore in AceSpecialistHub Agency, all our Mathematics tuition teachershaving the following qualification background as well as the teaching skills:

  • NIE (National Institute of Education) trained
  • With at least an 2nd upper class graduated
  • Preferably Master in education
  • Major in maths from Science or social science faculty

In terms of teaching wise, all our Math tutors are mainly have at least minimum of 3 year of teaching and will be focusing teach in the Singapore Maths Subject of ay of the following syllabi of

Primary Maths (Standard and Foundation),

Secondary Maths (Express, Normal Academic as well as Elementary Maths & Additional Mathas),

JC Maths [H1 (Higher 1) or H2 (Higher 2 ) and even H3 Maths].


In addition, the must be either full time tutors of Mathematics or ex-MOE Trained teachers


As our tutor will be heavily emphasizing on the 3 main skills

  • Exam skills technique on approaching exam question
  • Step by step on Applying skill for solving formula question
  • Handling Skills on how solve equation problem

After attending our tutor lesson, the student will find their teaching style is engaging and easy to understand, and of course, know how to obtain the distinction grade!

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Kindly contact usif you would like to start preparing your individual Math lessons.