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Here’s a sample of GP Essay Paper (Paper 1) shared by our ex – MI student who attended our GP tutorials:


1. “Judge not, so that you may not be judged.” Is it always wrong to judge others?

2. “Young people today are suffering both mentally and morally from a constant diet of mindless images and meaningless sounds.”
Do you agree?


3. ‘The more we learn, the less we know.’ Comment on the relevance of this observation to scientific research.

4. ‘Politics should be left to the politicians. Comment on this view with particular reference to your own country.

5. Would the world be better off without religion?

6. ‘So much is new and complex today that looking back to the past provides little guidance for living in the present. Do you agree?

7. ‘We have arranged things so that almost no one understands science and technology.
This is a prescription for disaster.’ (Carl Sagan) Discuss.

8. “You [Singapore teenagers] are a generation that is especially blessed.” (Lee Kuan Yew).
How far would you agree with the Minister Mentor’s sentiments?

9. Terrorism can be defeated if we tackle its root causes – poverty and injustice.’ What are your views?

10. Should it be a cause for concern that the Internet is putting conventional newspapers out of business?

11. Why has work lost its meaning for many people in the modern world?

12. Examine the advantages and disadvantages of working in a foreign country.


Bonus Question: On the GP Topic of Social Issues
(Q13): ‘The world of the future will be a woman’s world.’ What are your views?


MI General Paper Tuition – Sample Model GP Essay Answer

Here is a full length sample answer to the following GP essay question:
Q12. Examine the advantages and disadvantages of working in a foreign country.


Globalisation is the most widely-used word today. The world has definitely come a long way from decades ago, with the introduction of new-age technology that continually serves to better and improve our lives. One of the most significant impacts of increased globalisation is how it greatly facilitates travel from one part of the world to another. With developments in modern methods of transportation, migration and travel have been boosted, transforming cities into something that can be likened to a “global village Hence, it is no longer surprising to spot a foreigner amidst a commonplace society With time, there is a significant increase in the number of foreign workers in most developed and developing countries. More and more people are encouraged to seek better job opportunities in countries elsewhere in the region or the world For these people who have chos in the path of working in a foreign country, there are numerous advantages awaiting them. They would be exposed to a different culture, be able to lead a better life or be regarded more highly in society. However, behind these underlying advantages, working in a foreign country also has its disadvantages. However, as evident in the increase in the number of foreign workers, the advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages.


One of the greatest advantages of working in a foreign country is the exposure to a variety of different cultures and traditions. With greater exposure to various ethnic groups and religious diversity, tolerance is better instilled into these foreign workers, turning them into more “cultured” and “learned” people. Learning more about the culture and traditions of the local society also enables these people to be more knowledgeable. It can also be greatly satisfying to indulge in another custom or participate in another tradition. Being the odd one out in society would also prove to be a great opportunity for these foreigners to promote and share their customs and beliefs with the local community as well. People working in a foreign environment would also have the opportunity to experience more than if they were to work in their own countries. All these experiences contribute to a more knowledgeable person.


Furthermore, not only not only are these people exposed to a different culture, they are also exposed to a different working environment These people would have the great chance to learn to learn more about the same profession in another foreign country and may benefit from this to become better at their careers. For example, S’pore has a significantly large pool of foreign talent. Singapore a harmonious multi-racial society, foreigners being a who work in Singapore enjoy the ethnic diversity here, bringing more ‘colour to their experiences and lives. Another example is when an entrepreneur decides to chart new waters by expanding his business to countries in the same region. He is likely to face challenges and difficulties in setting up the business in a different economic environment, but in the end the entrepreneur will have experienced a lot more and have benefited from the mistakes learnt to be better at the profession.


Ethnic and religious issues can be quite sensitive. Hence, this increased exposure to other cultures and traditions may turn out to be disadvantageous as well. This is especially evident in countries which are less tolerant to ethnic diversity or in countries with existing racial conflicts. By working in a foreign country, the person is entering into a society of different cultures and beliefs and the society may not be receptive to his own culture or religion. The situation would be worse in countries where religion or culture is ingrained and rooted deeply into the politics of a country or in society itself When entering a foreign culture which is not welcoming the person working in a foreign country may be making himself more vulnerable to discrimination attacks. He also potentially faces the social stigma of being discriminated against. For example, during the recent invasion of Iraq by American troops American soldiers stationed in Iraq were constantly the targets of bombings.


Similarly, a Muslim man working in America might constantly be viewed with suspicion External factors aside, entering a different society would also cause the person working in a foreign country to feel different from the others. He may not be able e to seek the solace’ of other people sharing the same culture and tradition and as a result may become withdrawn from society Foreign for workers working in a foreign country for long would also tend to lose their own unique traditions when exposed to different traditions for long periods of time. To prevent this, for example, the Chinese working in America come together to form Chinatown in the cities they inhabit to keep their culture and tradition alive, as losing their own tradition would be a great disadvantage.


Another advantage of working in a foreign country is that the person would be able to enjoy better job opportunities in other countries. There are two likely scenarios for this cause. The first is that the person would be able to escape the woes of f his country and in countries seek better job opportunities elsewhere. This is especially applicable for for people living in an economic with massive unemployment and facing an downturn. Having a family to support, the breadwinner of the family might leave home to seek jobs elsewhere outside the country. By working in a foreign country, he might be able to earn himself al living and a job which pays. Even though the job may not pay much, this would be better than being unemployed with a family to support in his own country. For example, a lot of foreign workers from neighbouring countries such as Thailand and Indonesia come to Singapore to work as labourers. They come alone without their families and send money back to them regularly. The second scenario is that the person would be able to enjoy better job opportunities in a foreign country, as he faces limited options in his own country. For example, an aspiring scientist who wishes to develop his career in the life sciences might have limited career options in a country whose area of life sciences development is not developed. Hence, working in a foreign country with the job opportunities he wishes to pursue, he would be able to achieve his goal.


Being able to enjoy better job opportunities in a foreign country might mean sacrificing other aspects of a person’s life which makes this possibly a disadvantage, too. For example, a person who leaves his own country to work in a foreign country might not afford to bring his family along with him. In the quest to secure a job to support his family, he would have to sacrifice by spending time away from his family, as working in a foreign country makes it harder to communicate with loved-ones back home. Others might have to sacrifice their citizenship to enjoy better job opportunities elsewhere in a foreign country. Furthermore, there is always insecurity and the uncertainty of trying to seek better job opportunities in a foreign country. It is not guaranteed that by working in a foreign country, their careers would succeed and in fact, it might backfire on them. As such, working in a foreign country may not necessarily lead to better job opportunities. When this happens, these people often find themselves in a fix. This uncertainty of working in a foreign country is definitely a huge disadvantage.


Lastly, a person working in a foreign country might be more highly regarded in a foreign society than in their own society. If these foreigners have valuable talents and traits that enable them to contribute significantly to the development of the foreign country they are working in, then these people would be highly regarded in society. For example, foreign financial analysts that are able to contribute their valuable insights and opinions to improve the economy of a country would be given a great career opportunity. Furthermore, sports players with great skills and talents might be enticed with promises to play for another country. This foreign talent’ would be highly regarded in society. For example, Ronald Susilo is a famous Singaporean badminton player who originated from Indonesia. By working for Singapore, he is able to experience more benefits.


However, this would only be the case for people with talents and skills to offer the foreign country. The same cannot be said for people working in a foreign country with jobs that are not highly viewed in society. Instead of being highly regarded in society. These foreign workers may actually get looked down these upon by others in society. For example, foreign workers working as labourers in a country may not enjoy similar privileges other workers in the country may get to enjoy. For this group of people, the feeling of being looked down by society is definitely a disadvantage.


The advantages of working in a foreign country are strong reasons as to why we see so many foreign workers today. As for the disadvantages that some foreign workers face, it is not a matter of choice or a gift of liberty for them to decide. It is a matter or survival for them to overcome the disadvantages of working in a foreign country. However, the advantages can easily overshadow the disadvantages for a person who is determined with passion to make a name for himself in the foreign country. A passion so strong that it will blind him to the possible challenges he might possibly face.


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Bonus Question: On the GP Topic of Social Issues
(Q13): ‘The world of the future will be a woman’s world.’ What are your views?

The role of men versus the role of women has been drawing great attention as it has changed from the supposed stereotyped characteristics to assume new positions in the social, economic and political aspects. Men were typically assumed to be strong. brave and hardy while women were seen as gentle, sweet and tender. In addition, they were also given prescribed social and economic roles: men had to go out to work and bring home the money while women stayed at home to cook and bring up the children. “The world of the future will be a woman’s world.” How about our brave, strong and hardy men? Have they been marginalised? Do they feel threatened economically, socially and politically?


Turning points for women from the typical weaker sex assumption occurred during the Suffragette movement and Feminist movement. The Suffrage movement in 1918 saw women in England winning the right to vote. As men left their families and homes to fight in the Second World War, women took over at the workplace and at home. Women became financially independent and proved themselves to be as capable as men. From then on, women’s abilities have not been limited to being a homemaker. Women have come a long way, with education more emphasised as a necessity for all, participation in sports, a hand in business and also government affairs. Other significant items that marked the change in gender roles include the bikini, instant milk formula, disposable diapers and contraception.


What about men? Many men feel that society has turned its attention almost exclusively to the plight of women, with massive encouragement from government, business, education and the media. Men and boys now feel they have been marginalized-“manly virtues” such as silent stoicism, physical strength, being the bread winner are now looked upon with great suspicion. Some men are upset that their female counterparts are rising. sometimes even above them. In addition, some men are hurt that their wives earn more than them Whom do we blame for this unhappiness? Society’s perceptions Many feel that earning more a symbol of higher capability and men earning less than women means that the male is now the weaker sex. There is no end to comparison. You can compare yourself with your wife and be happy because she is earning less than you, but there are women like Helen R. Walton and Alice L Walton who own $18.8 billion each Unless the man I am referring to is William H. Gates III, there is bound to be some woman getting more cash into her pocket than you.


My view is that the world of the future will be a woman’s world, as much as it is a man’s world, Men are not strong because, in contrast, women are weak Great men who once lived, including William Shakespeare, Albert Einstein and Mohammad Gandhi, are great because of their knowledge, character, ideas and outstanding contributions, not because the females during their time were weak. The world of the future will be a woman’s world because women are now given opportunities to cultivate and maximize their potential through education, and, with knowledge and equal opportunities to pursue higher education, women can now be found in any field of life. The men are still strong, brave and hardy, we cannot deny that, but in addition to the sweetness, gentleness and tenderness of women, there are elements of strength, courage and resilience. Therefore, men and women are now finally able to work hand in hand, if only society can be more open-minded, accepting gender equality. The truly capable men are those who are ready to embrace the new women of today and the future.


While the world of the future will be a woman’s world, not every woman is fortunate enough to enjoy this world. Many gender stereotypes are still strongly entrenched in the Third World cultures. Examples to illustrate this include the widespread dowry burnings in India’s villages, female infanticide still occurring in China and women in Afghanistan who live under virtual house arrest whereby, confined to their houses, they can’t attend school, work or even receive medical care, except from other women.


In conclusion, the world of the future belongs to both men and women. Men should not fear the rising power of women because their inborn characteristics, experiences, knowledge and capabilities cannot be taken away they just have to learn to use them in the most beneficial way and constantly improve themselves as much as women are doing. Instead, men should welcome the challenges from rising women; that is where competition brings about improvements. Women, on their part, should not fear the males, for they are equally fearful as them.


Comments by our GP Tutor: Stoicism is a person having great self-control in adversity. (Being stoic).
As opposed to fascism, an extreme right-wing totalitarian political systems or views.


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Millennia Institute (MI) is located at 60 Bukit Batok West Ave 8, Singapore 658965.


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  1. Transfer to buses from either Bukit Gombak (NS3) MRT station, along the North South Line (NSL).
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