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Here’s a sample of GP Essay Paper (Paper 1) shared by our ex – NYJC student who attended our GP tutorials:


1. How far do you agree that the mass media can largely be blamed for the social problems that plague modern life?

2. Should schools teach students to be patriotic?

3. Are the citizens of your country questioning authority too much?

4. Illustrate the relevance of any one of the proverbs below with regard to recent developments in science and technology.

i) All that glitters is not gold
ii) Curiosity killed the cat Look before you leap

5. “The USA is the only superpower; what it wants, it gets- that is a reality that the rest of the world has to live with.” Comment.

6. “In the long run, tourism is detrimental to the well-being of a nation.” Discuss.

7. “Harmony with Nature, not mastery over it.” Should this be the slogan for our relationship with the environment?

8. Why is it that no country has ever achieved a perfect human rights record?

9. Should we look forward to growing old?

10. “Only a life lived in the service of others is worth living.” (Albert Einstein) Do you agree?

11. Is there a case for legalizing drugs?

12. ‘Extinction is an inevitable law of nature; we are wasting our time worrying about endangered species. What is your view?


NYJC General Paper Tuition – Sample Model GP Essay Answer

Here is a full length sample answer to the following GP essay question:
. Should we look forward to growing old?


A hunched back, white, greying hairs, wrinkles near the eyes, these are just some of the typical signs associated with old age. Old age, an inevitable phase of life (unless one dies young), is often perceived as a gloomy experience when people merely well for the impending final doom. Many do hot look forward to growing old as they believe that old age will bring negative prospects However, there are also optimists who choose to view old age as a period of self-enlightenment when one’s wisdom and sensitivity to issues are at their peak. These people feel that old age is not as foreboding as what it seems. Personally, I do not exactly look forward to growing old.


There are some people who strongly advocate the idea of old age being one’s “golden age”. They feel that we should look forward to growing old, as it is the period when our intelligence and wisdom are at high levels. Famous philosophers like Plato and Cicero believe that the period of old age is when our senses are the keenest and it is therefore the most appropriate moment for us to think about and evaluate issues of a wide variety ranging from politics to music. With many years of experience, our analysis of issues will then be more accurate and clearer. Furthermore, old age can also be a period of development and self-discovery. One can look back at past experiences and learn more about oneself Thus we can look forward to old age as a period of meaningful intellectual activity as well as a time for self-evaluation.


We can also look forward to retirement in our old age. Most old people will not have work commitments and they can then spend more quality time with their loved ones. We can also focus more on building interpersonal relationships now that we are not racing with each other in the rat race anymore. Old age can actually be a time when we can relax and even indulge ourselves in meaningful activities such as a new hobby of gardening or even taking up new skills like cookery and dancing. We can look forward to old age as a period for us to experience the more vibrant sides of life as compared to a hectic working life when we are forced or driven to work hard and, in the process, neglect our inner well being and relationships.


However, it would be far too optimistic for us to paint such a rosy image of old age as there are downsides to it as well. One major issue that many people will have to grapple with when they grow old is their loss of physical abilities as their bodies gradually shut down. Being old would mean that maintaining of our personal health and fitness would become an even more difficult task. We would lose our agility and alertness. Chores that were previously effortless to us in our younger days may be too physically demanding for our ‘ancient’ bodies to bear. As much as we want to indulge ourselves in activities and hobbies such as water-skiing, sky-diving and even just a simple game of basketball, we may be limited by our lack of energy and physical abilities. Our minds would also not be as active as they used to be.


Furthermore the likelihood of us getting diseases is even higher in old age. Diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s disease are known to be more common in old people than in the younger generation. Being disease-stricken would mean dependency on drugs and much suffering which is a prospect most people if not all would look forward to.


Due to our loss of physical abilities and higher susceptibility to diseases, our productivity is lower and we may even be deemed as economically useless to the nation. We may also become a burden to our family and country. The thought of one becoming useless and redundant is definitely enough for some of us to not look forward to old age.


Another reason why we should not look forward to old age is because of loneliness. It is undeniable that some people can retire when they are old and they can truly appreciate the joys of having family and friends for company. But there are others who may have neglected their loved ones and personal life to such a great extent that when they grow old, they find themselves alone with no companions and no more purpose in their life, merely waiting for death to strike. What is even sadder and unfortunate is that we can never guarantee that we would not need to work when we are old as there are possibilities that can occur such as being abandoned by our children or other misfortunes. The likely prospect of being lonely, abandoned and forgotten in the sea of six billion people during old age makes it impossible for anyone to anticipate growing old. Some argue that we can always make friends when we are old but it is often very difficult to do so when your self-esteem is low and you do not have the drive to start building relationships from scratch.


In conclusion, old age does offer benefits and some good opportunities and experiences. Some argue that what truly matters is to have a young heart even when one is growing old and one can then enjoy a meaningful life to the fullest. However, we must also keep in mind that there are things such as loss of vigour and physical abilities that are not within one’s control. It is therefore hard to have a young heart when one’s heart is failing at the same time. Old age is definitely not something I look forward to.


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