Primary Maths Tuition

Are you struggling to cope with primary school and PSLE Mathematics and need private home maths tuition help right away?

Or are you aiming for that elusive A star grade (A*), that near-perfect distinction result that very likely puts you into the PSLE T-Score of 250 and above, so that you can go into the IP secondary school of your choice, skip the O-Levels later on, and move into JC and A-Levels eventually, while in the process, making yourself and your parents proud?

Or perhaps, you are unsure about the difference between the ‘normal’ primary maths and ‘Foundation’ Pri Maths, and wish to learn the benefits and impacts of choosing Foundation syllabus instead of the ‘Normal’ syllabus.

That is precisely what we at AceSpecialistHub do, with our range of primary Maths tuition lessons.


Singapore students and schools have always a lot of pride in ourselves to have achieved high standards of understanding and performance in written Math assessment and exams, on an international level.


Yet, because of this achievement, we have to improve quicker than other countries, and thus our Maths syllabi have become increasingly difficult.

Add to the fact that we have a compulsory primary school education system in Singapore, no wonder more and more local Math students are finding it hard to cope with the demands of the rigour of this subject.

Not to mention that many parents themselves are not equipped to manage primary school Maths, especially when it involves mathematical word problems or problems sums, whereby the model method is expected as part of the solutions!

Hence, not only do our children suffer in schools, for the full 6 years when it come to primary school Maths, the parents face an equal nightmare when their kids do not do well in schools’ internal assessment of mid year exams (MYE) and end of year (EOY) promotional exams!

The result?

Due to our challenging primary school maths standard, our children are suffering. The problem sums section in PSLE Math exams have also baffled and stunned countless parents who have always believed in their own mathematical ability. Maths undergraduates and JC students who are well versed in Further Mathematics who cannot cope with the Model Method, and had to resort to algebraic techniques.

Not to mention the occasions local Math teachers themselves get stuck on such word problems. In fact, in the global community in recent years have learnt of our ‘unthinkable’ situation, tried to adopt the system, albeit with little success.


With our Chief Curriculum Development Director designing the entire primary school and PSLE tutoring programme, no longer do you or your child need to struggle anymore for maths assessments.

We construct and execute the revision one-to-one lessons such that all learners are
1) Strong in multiplication and division, the backbone of all advanced mathematical topics in PSLE Maths in Singapore

2) Excellent in the Model Method when dealing with problems sums, aka word problems in Section C of local primary school maths exams and tests.

3) Confident in obtaining full marks for MCQs and Short Answer Questions (SAQs)

4) Conquer key maths topics such as Ratios, Percentages, Speed, Distance, Geometry, etc.

5) Securing at least a grade A in the eventual P6 PSLE exam for Math, and go to further mastery of secondary mathematics of algebra, matrices, calculus, etc!

Regarding our private Maths home tuition , our Maths tutors in Singapore have produced enough distinctions (A* for PSLE Mathematics), to earn credit from our students.
Read every word of these testimonies to ascertain our private PSLE math tutors‘ experience, expertise and efforts. even the weakest students who have never managed a n’A’ before they see us, have transformed into the ablest of pupils.
You need not be a scholar-type of super student, in order equally good results like the ones below. How do we achieve this feat? As what our students love to put it, our home primary Maths tutoring system has cracked the code of the Maths exams at PSLE!
So, just by stretching their ability as well as their imagination a bit, and we see magic being produced, on a continual basis.


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Hence, if you are ready to improve on your primary Mathematics exams scores asap, contact us now for more info on our private tuition for primary Math.