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Home Private A-Level Tutors Singapore – Mathematics Revision Lesson Plan

Are you an A-level JC student where preparing to taking A- Level Exam, and looking for an individual Maths tuition lessons?

If you are JC student taking H1 math or H2 maths, who have strong foundation and have confidence to pass the maths subject easily but when during the examination you are not able to perform what you expected for yourself.

Or even some students who have a weaker foundation in their a-level maths but wish to improve the subject yet do not know which topics to get started first as due to either there is too many maths syllabus topics in A- Level H1 (advanced level higher 1) math or A- Level H2 (advanced level higher 2) math.

Normally whether they have a strong or weak foundation build, they tend to have certain topics which they still normally have doubt uncertain with a series of topics such as Complex numberEquations & inequalities and probability.

On the other hand, perhaps, you are finding it hard to attend the A-level maths classroom courses as due to the constraints of time as well as involving too many activities in school?

Yup, and many pupils have seek our help in Maths home tutoring services, that have helped them attain their desired grades for JC maths quickly.

During revising of their mathematics H1 (Higher 1) Maths (syllabus: 8864) and H2 (Higher 2) Maths (syllabus: 9740), the student will realising that, they have problem in revision of their JC subject for Maths as due to too many  topics to revise such as Function on graphs on graphing technique and Calculus on differentiation and integrated .

Although they know that they are facing the problem on revising but as due to the time constraints as well as activates, they do not have time to attend the group tuition.Hence they will come an idea from their mind of looking an individual maths tutors.

As basically the individual JC Maths tuition are cater to the students who have busy schedule or prefer having individually tuition on their own. As they are able to have a flexible on timing as well as the days for tuition. Minor of the student have attended the group tuition trial lesson in the centre but they find in not suitable to them or not able to follow the pace in the centre.

Hence as there for, we have design a different course layout for A-Level Mathematics revision course catering to general certificate of education (GCE) A-level for all Junior College students both H1 (higher 1) and H2 (Higher 2).

Basically for H1 student, the topic on equations and inequalities there required them to solve quadratic inequalities and conditions for a quadratic equation to have either real or equal roots. Whereas for those taking H2, the topics on Complex number are covered in H2 Syllabus polynomial, where they are required to use equation  using coefficients.

Lastly both H1 and H2 maths students, will face a common problem is topic on probability, where they are needed to use the tables of outcomes such as Venn diagrams and as well as tree diagrams to calculate probabilities and the conditional of probabilities in a simple cases.

Our individual mathematics a-level tuition, we will let the student know how GCE A-Level (General Certificate of Education advance level) Mathematics this subject can be a scorable subject as well as easy to master.

A-Level Tutors Singapore – JC Mathematics Revision Programme

This mathematics revision course layout basically will be focusing on their weakness first which both H1 and H2 student facing.

H1 JC Maths Revision Course Program

  1. Function and graphs
  • Exponential and logarithmic functions and Graphing techniques
  • Equations and inequalities
  1. Calculus
  1. Probability
  1. Normal and Bionmial distribution
  1. sampling and hypothesis testing
  1. Correlation and Regression

Basically the A-level JC H1 Maths revision course consists of 6 topics as therefore hence the programme will be a 2 topic per week lesson.

For H1 JC revision maths program it will be learning how to solving simultaneous equation in one linear using substitution and quadratic inequalities. As well as using formulating the equation from problem situation.

They will also be covering how to find equations of tangents and normal and Calculate the probability either addition or multiply as well as calculate the conditional in simple case using the formula of P(A’) 1- PA or P(A ∪ B) = P (A) +P(B) –P(A ∩ B) to solve

Here will be the H2 Mathematics revision course program :

  1. Function and graph
  • Inverse and composite function
  • Equations and inequalities
  1. Sequences and series
  1. Vector
  • Vectors in two and three dimensions
  • scalar and vector products of vectors
  1. Complex number
  1. Calculus
  • Differentiation and Maclaurin’s series
  • Definite integrals
  1. Permutations, combinations and probability
  1. Binomial, Poisson and normal distribution
  1. Sampling and hypothesis testing
  1. Correlation and Regression

As for JCH2 Maths revision course, it will consist of 9 topics but the starting of the revision lesson day will be the same as H1. As you will be doing more in depth of the topic and there is more sub topics on top of it. So basically the revision program will be go through topical lesson weekly instead.

As therefore the revision program the students will learn about finding equations of tangents and normal,  curves and solving problems using involving differentiation and complex number which expressed in Cartesian and polar form. 

Note that in older syllabi, polar coordinates was a topic under Further Mathematics (‘F’ Maths).

As therefore they will be also be going through how does the graphical technique formula related with equations in their graphs given as well as determining the equations of asymptotes using the axes of symmetry and restrictions on the possible values of x and y

As for the formula wise , which many student is having problem on memorizing. The mathematics tutor basically will give the student the comprehensive note and to teach them the handling and applying technique which make the  formulas easier to apply when the student needed.

Home Private O-Level Tutors Singapore – Secondary Mathematics Revision Lesson Plan

Similarly, our secondary individual mathematics tutors have planned out the comprehensive “O” Levels  Maths revision tuition for the students, for both Elementary Maths (aka ‘E’ Mathematics) and Additional Math (aka ‘A’ Mathematics):

  • Giving the students comprehensive topics by topics notes which help the them easier to do revision.
  • step by step working approaching. By analyzing the problem and help the student by breaking the question requirement into individual steps approach as well as simplify the problem and make it easier for the student to tackle.
  • Provide the students with past year various school and a-level question paper as well as the answer for them. And highlight to them the key topics which will be frequently comes out during their examination or school test.

Unlike other tuition where they normally will only give practice paper to the students to practice without teaching them how to break the question into step by step when solving them.

After attending our tuition lesson with our home private tutors for Secondary Math, you will find that memorising of the formula is in your finger tip as well as knowing how to tackle those difficult question. Hence you will be able to score an distinction in your exam.

They can even mastering the skills in the shortest period of time needed and applied it in other science subject (O-level Chemistry, Physics or Combined Science) and  as well as while recapping them in there revision after attending Sec Maths tutorial lesson.

You can find out more information regarding our O-Level maths revision course which we provide to students.

Home Private PSLE Tutors Singapore – Pri 6 Mathematics Revision

As before, our private Mathematics tuition teachers also cater to the two streams of Standard Math (Syllabus Code: 0008) and Foundation Math (Syllabus code: 0038)

Regardless of both streams, and the wide ranging topics of Ratio, Proportion, Percentages, etc, the Math Model Method will ensure that Primary Math pupils can solve even the hardest of questions, although mastering this method is not exactly a breeze.

In addition, some peculiar topics such as ‘Guess-and-Check‘ and ‘Series and Sequences‘ deserve more attention on their own, and requires a separate form of solution approach and practice.

Hence if you would like to attend our PSLE private maths revision tuition, contact us right away.