Private PSLE Maths Tuition

The PSLE Mathematics Programme by is designed to prepare students in Singapore for the Pri 5 and Pri 6 syllabus. The Maths lessons are designed specifically to ensure that all topics are covered extensively with an emphasis on different variety of questions.

Key features of PSLE Private Mathematics Tuition Programme:

1. Customised mathematical concepts review by our Primary Maths tutors

2. Review and analysis of higher order thinking questions, ie. in the Section C (aka Problem Sums)

3. Self-checking skills to minimise carelessness

4. Timed assignments with constructive feedback on mistakes

5. Special emphasis on the Model Method, covering tips on tricks using the ideas of Same Differences, Same Numerator, Same Denominator, Constant Differences, Constant Ratios, etc

Our PSLE Maths Tuition Lessons:

Apart from enabling students to comprehend its rigorous content, we believe in the concept of deliberate practice rather mundane drilling. The quality of the practice is much more important than the quantity of the practice.

Each Mathematics lesson for PSLE (aka Primary School Leaving Examinations) will be broken up into 3 main parts.

a.Content review of a particular math chapter using customised notes
b.Review and detailed analysis of examples and practice questions by our tutors in Singapore
.Practice – Selected questions to be practiced on the spot. Extra questions will be issued for the students to practice at home.

Note; In order to get at least an A for Primary Maths, one has to get near full marks for MCQs (section A), near full marks for Section B, and no more than 3 incorrect responses for Section C (Problem Sums)


Our tutors for Maths at PSLE Level

Our Mathematics tuition teachers are experienced tutors in Singapore, who are trained to impart skills-based lessons for primary Math  students. The emphasis is on the students’ thought processes and recognizing key characteristics of each question. For every chapter, there will be some time spent on the practice and review of advanced applications of the concepts. In addition, students will also learn exam techniques like self-checking and reflection of mistakes made.

So contact us now, to get your desired Maths help.